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Family Holiday in Paris and Rome


Paris and Rome are two popular family destinations in Europe. The two cities are known to have some of the best family activities and sights that can only be described as full of fun, enlightening as well as aspiring. Most of the destinations are on every tourist’s must-visit list. However the two cities offer different experiences as they have different attractions besides varying accommodation and food prices. The two cities attract different types of tourists who flock the cities in huge numbers every year.

Family attractions in Rome

Rome is known to have great design hotels with wonderful cuisine as well as delicious gelato. Some of the popular family attractions in Rome include: (Image by Elenturners)

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Teatro Verde – Teatroverde is one of the best places in Italy where you can take your children to learn more of the Italian culture. Your children will have a great opportunity of watching a wide array of musical performances as well as dances. Teatro Verde is also popular with children due to the various humorous puppet shows.

Explora museum –the Explora Museum is one of the most fascinating places in Rome where you can take your family after visiting the various city attractions. Your family will enjoy the view of various interesting collections and exhibits that are designed to approach different aspects of life. You also learn more of the history of television and film.

Villa Borghese – villa Borghese is a popular picturesque parkwhere your family can go to see the monuments that honors the Medici family. Yourfamily also gets the chance to toss coins into one of the various flowing fountains in the parks. The stunning botanical gardens also offer great explorations opportunity especially for the young members in the family.

Family attractions in Paris

The first place you should think of visiting in Paris is definitely the Eiffel Tower. However, there are many more beautiful places where you can take your family. Here are some of the places and things you can do with your family in Paris.

Gardens – There are numerous gardens around the city that offer great relaxation opportunities. The gardens are great for family picnics in addition to the playgrounds where you children can enjoy themselves. One popular garden is at Jardin du Luxembourg which also features donkey and pony rides as well as merry go rounds.

Take a sightseeing tour – Paris is very popular with open double-decker buses that take tourists for sightseeing tours around the cities. This will be a lot more fun especially with the right company such as I‘Open Tour buses that will take you through various routes and attractions such as the Sacre-Coeur Basilica.

Go to a Circus – This is a popular family entertainment option in Paris, which boast two famous circuses called the Cirque d’HiverBouglione and the Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann. You can also choose to enjoy shows at Club Med World which also has a nightclub for the older members of your family.

Although the two cities have varying experiences, they receive thousands of tourists. If you plan to take your family to any or both of these cities, ensure that you have researched earlier on their various attractions as well as costs of food and accommodation in each of the cities. The following infographic bring some unique and interesting facts about these two cities. Share here your thoughts about these facts…. Cheers!

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