Famous Areas to Visit on Your Next New York Holiday


Every year, millions of people flock to US cities for holidays.  The United States has been for centuries the fantasy destinations for people from all over the world.  The vast area of this country offers to the visitor endless opportunities of sites, activities, cultures, climates, and views.  From the San Francisco Bay in the west to New York City in the East, The USA is a fine destination.  And of course, not visit to the US can go right without vising the most adorable city of all, New York City.  The city has  great history and cultural background that is unique to each of the areas. Here, as a visitor, take the time to visit the different areas to get a good use of your New York holidays

Broadway Times Square

This Square is located at the intersection in Manhattan. One reason why a traveler must come here is the entertainment galore here. There are many world stars signed here for music and comedy acts. Walking down the Times Square is a fun activity to do here while watching sights seen on television. The huge building and shopping stores provide the best way for one to enjoy their visit here. Visit the Tussaud Wax museum and Planet Hollywood.

Central Park

Central Parks sits in the Western side of Manhattan. While here take a walk to sight see, biking experiences, bird watching, playing tennis and swimming. For those who want to commit in marriage, this can be the best place to get married. This is also a famous place that incorporates culture like jazz concerts, political culture. If you want to have the best dishes, head to the Tavern. For animal love, the Central Zoo Park becomes the main attraction to visit at the Central Park. There are public monuments like the famous Obelisk. Those with family must visit the Quaint.


For the love of animals, those going for New York Holidays must visit Bronx. The zoo is the biggest in US with natural habitats. Here, there are over 4000 animals. Before coming inside, one must pay entry fees. The first place to visit is the Congo forest to see Gorillas. Inside the Bronx, see famous prey and predator species like zebras, lions or the Giraffes. Visit the world of darkness to see nocturnal animals with tigers and Leopards (image  by BETA ROK 75).


Holiday Buzzed Around the World RTW -Family Travel Holiday Vacation Travel Blog - Famous Areas to Visit on Your Next New York Holiday Bronx graffiti

Bronx graffiti


Your New York Holidays is incomplete without a visit to Harlem. While here, make a visit to the Abyssinian Baptist church opened in 1923. Attend its famous worship services. The Apollo Theater stands as an iconic place with family themed attractions and amateur nights. The Cathedral of St. John is the biggest church in US with Gothic architecture. For historians, they must vista Schomburg Research Center for Black Culture or a visit to Studio Museum exhibiting local and international artists.

The Queens

Queens is ideal for tourist activities. The major attractions here include Unisphere and NYC Panorama, the Beer garden and Bohemian Halls. Visit the Moving Image Museum, Jacksons Heights and the Contemporary Center of Arts.


In Brooklyn New York, One can enjoy attractions like walking at Brooklyn Bridge which is an iconic landmark. Take a train ride to Coney Island, visit Prospects Park and the magical of Brooklyn Museums. Botanic Garden and Kids museum offer the best holidays.

When going for your New York holidays, the city of San Francisco can be the ideal destination for your family. The city has wonderful hotels for accommodation going at a cheaper price. While here with your family, consider a cruise to Alcatraz, small museums, shopping and public places to enjoy.


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