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Fancy a Party in Turkey. We’ve got you covered


Many tourists fly from around the world come to Turkey each year to enjoy the fascinating sites and rich culture of the nation. Turkey is also a place known for its vibrant nightlife scene. The country boasts a series of locations and places where party activities are particularly popular. So why not grab a quick week away here and hit the Turkish party scene. Here are five of the best Turkish party destinations:


Nightlife on Mesa

This popular resort town is located in the south-western portion of Turkey along the Mediterranean coast. Numerous discotheques and bars are located throughout the town. Club 29 and Club Ally are two of the most popular nightclubs in Antalya. The Doner Gazio, a notable hotel and nightclub, also features a revolving restaurant. Don’t miss out on this amazing location.


Roxy Bar Bologna

Located in the south-western portion of Turkey where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet, this resort town is particularly popular with younger visitors. The interesting buildings and palm trees lining the streets enhance this town’s appeal. Most of the partying in this town does not begin until after midnight. Popular venues in Bodrum include Roxy Bar, Halikarnas and Casa del Sol.


Ian Carey lasered in Club Areena

Visitors who are looking for a lot of excitement during their Turkey holidays can also visit this popular destination. Some of the clubs offer patrons the chance to get wet and wild with foam parties. Some of the local bars and nightclubs also put on drag shows and host karaoke contests. Bar Street and Long Beach are the two sections of town where most of the party action happens. Shooters, Greenhouse and Backstreet are just a few of the popular nightclub venues around town. Visitors even have the option of booking an inexpensive moonlight cruise and partying at sea.


Robin Hood disco

Cheap drinks and fun times make this destination one of the favourites among partygoers. An efficient public transportation system makes it easy for visitors to stop by all of the best party spots in town. Most of the hottest party places are located in the port section of the town. Robin Hood, which is considered by many to be the best nightclub in Alanya, features bright lights and pulsating dance beats. The Havana Bar is equipped with an open roof so that patrons do not get too hot while on the dance floor.


Jade Beach Club, Kusadasi

This ancient city also serves as one of Turkey’s top party destinations. Many of the discotheques and bars are located in Kaleici behind the old city walls. Barlar Sokagi and Asagi Barlar Sokagi are two city streets lined with most of the popular bars. The beachfront also features many dance clubs and bars. Miracle and Jade is a popular beachfront dance club. Jimmy’s Bar, a quaint Irish pub, offers many different cocktail options.

Be sure to visit at least one of these locations for a guaranteed party time in this amazing country. Just make sure you don’t lose your passport and have plenty of money to take with you, so you can keep refilling your drink whilst dancing the night away!

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