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Finding Change in Thailand: Take a New View on Culture and Entertainment While Enjoying Great Accommodation


Thailand is renowned as an exotic location with a diverse and vibrant culture and something for everyone when they come to visit the country.

Here is a look at some of the cultural and entertainment highlights you can look forward to when you come to Thailand.

No shortage of entertainment

Whether you decide to visit Bangkok and stay at somewhere like the Marriott Executive Apartments Sathorn Vista as a base or want to explore other parts of the country as well, you won’t be short of entertainment options wherever you go.

There are several forms of traditional entertainment that you can find and enjoy during your time in Thailand and you will find that martial arts are popular.

You can witness the popular Muay Thai or the ancient art of Silat Pattani, which is steeped in history and was born out of a need for the Thai people to fight to maintain their kingdom in past times.

Thai traditional dances are a much gentler form of entertainment and these captivating dance rituals should be seen if you get the chance to witness this enchanting form of movement while you are visiting.

Budget-friendly shopping

You could argue that shopping in Thailand could be viewed as a unique experience and the crowded streets are a chaotic scene filled with noise and color as you are presented with opportunities to buy a variety of gifts.

The goods news about shopping in Thailand is that it is mostly a budget-friendly form of retail therapy and you should be able to buy some pretty jewelry and accessories without denting your bank balance too badly.

A culinary treat

Thailand is highly-regarded for a number of attributes and attractions but probably what it is most famous for is the cuisine.

Thai cuisine is loved around the world and that complex fusion of flavors fills the air in restaurants around the globe. Enjoying that Thai cuisine at close quarters in the country of origin is definitely a treat and you undoubtedly enjoy the opportunity to explore these different flavors and dishes when you come to Thailand.

Spiritual experience

Religion is an integral and important aspect of Thai culture and the people’s daily lives and you can’t get a better example of that spiritualism than paying a visit to the temple of Wat Arun.

This stunningly beautiful and revered temple is a major tourist attraction and there is also the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok that deserves a mention, although you will find many stunning religious and cultural symbols as you travel around this country.

What you will find out about Thailand is that the country now enjoys a distinctly different urban and rural culture, so you can experience a vastly different country by visiting the chaotic and lively cities like Bangkok, before spending some time away from the bright lights and head for the hills.

There is no question that a visit to Thailand is an unforgettable experience and something you must try to do at least once in your lifetime.

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