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Five Great Islands to Visit on the Great Barrier Reef – Australia


Australia is a lovely country and one big island with long stretch kilometers of shoreline. It is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans and also has many great small islands. It has many famous attractive sites and one special one is the breath taking Great Barrier Reef. Other attractive sites include the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor House, Hunter region and the Melbourne city Center. The great islands have many exciting things to see and many fun activities to carry out. The country is also famous for the massive interior desert wilderness named the Outback and special animal species such as the duck-billed platypuses and kangaroos. If you ask yourself at this point where are the best places to retire in Australia, it would be tough to find one answer.  Although the Great Barrier Reef has many amazing islands, here is a list of five great islands to visit in the area:

1. Daydream Island

Daydream Island is a lovely island among the Whitsunday Islands Group of the Great Barrier Reef. It is only five kilometers from the mainland which makes it popular with day tourists. It is the ideal place from which you can explore the lovely Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. The island resort is suitable for both romance- seeking couples and fun-seeking families. The island’s natural beauties that visitors expect to come across include the spectacular rain-forest, sparking bays and amazing beaches.

2. Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is another stunning island of the Great Barrier and is one of Australia’s famous and most amazing holiday destinations. The island has many great beaches and is the ideal place for exploring the famous White-haven Beach and the Great Barrier Beach. It has many fun activities to carry out such as water sports, golfing and sailing. It also has many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. The island has many different levels of accommodations ranging from holiday homes, couple’s suites and family friendly apartments.

3. Dunk Island

Dunk Island is a spectacular island and is a combination of tourism and national parkland. It is the biggest of the Family islands group. It has turquoise seas, stunning rainforests, thriving tropical gardens and arcs of golden sands making it acquire the title; “Australia’s most lovely tropical rainforest island“. It has spectacular views of the rainforest balancing with those of the stunning blue sky.


4. Hayman Island 

Hayman Island is another stunning island of the Great Barrier Reef and most northerly of the group of islands. It is a peaceful mountainous continental island mostly covered with hoop pine and eucalypt and offers visitors a feast for their eyes on any of the many bush walks. It is a lovely Small Island with spectacular views to the south. The colors of the water of Whitsunday Passage and Hayman’s lagoon on a glittering sunny day are simply impressive.

5. Magnetic Island 

Magnetic Island is another stunning island of the Great Barrier Reef and is located 8 kilometers offshore from the city of Townsville. It has a bird sanctuary, national park, walking tracks and World War II forts making it a popular tourist destination. There are also many fun activities to carry out such as fishing, bush-walking, boating and lots more.

Australia is an ideal tourist destination and is not only a place to visit but also to live happily.


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