Fly to Dundee – The Home of Cake, Culture and Scotland’s Sunniest City


In recognition of its development and diverse attractions, Dundee is currently aiming to become the UK’s 2017 City of Culture. The city has gained a place in the final shortlist together with three other cities.

Why fly to Dundee?

Situated on the east coast of Scotland and about 62 miles north of Edinburgh, Dundee has often been overlooked in favour of the country’s capital. This is set to change. Already many flights to Dundee are available from a range of airports and the city also has good train and road links. The esteemed Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is set to open its first branch outside of London in 2015 and work has already started on the £45 million project.

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Rebranding Dundee

For decades Dundee had a reputation as a worn down, post-industrial city but the city council devised a new logo for Dundee, ‘One City Many Discoveries,’ in a bid to show the rest of the world the many diverse attractions that the city has to offer (image by

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Dundee night view

It’s easy to fly to the city from any major European capital as well as other parts of the UK and when you get there, you’ll wonder why you’ve never visited the city before.

Sights to see in Dundee

You must visit the magnificent Tay Bridge and then explore the famous RRS Discovery. This ship was built in 1900 and used by Captain Scott in his ill-fated Antarctic expedition to the South Pole. You’ll be able to take a tour of the ship and Discovery Point has a wealth of multimedia expeditions to rediscover what life was like on board ship in the early part of the 20th century.

The airport is only a mile away from Discovery Point, so it’s easy to fly here. Four miles away from the centre of the city lies Broughty Ferry, a seaside suburb famous for its long sandy beaches and a perfect place to unwind.

International Science Festival in Dundee

The city isn’t just famous for its arts and culture. The Dundee Science Festival, attracted 14,000 visitors in 2012 and this year that figure is set to grow.

The festival takes place at a variety of venues throughout the city and covers a range of subjects from chemistry to computer science. The Dundee Science Centre, itself is a fascinating place to visit, even if you don’t think that you have an interest in the subject. A visit to this establishment may prove you wrong.


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