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Food around the World-The 8 Most Popular Local Dishes in Israel


Israel has a variety of delicacies as far as food is concerned; this is because it has a huge pot of boiling cultures and other immigrants from over 120 countries. There is however a good number of local Israeli dishes that are all nice and will always leave you spoilt for choices. Here are some of the best local dishes in Israel.


Falafel is a good mixture of delicious chickpeas or fava berries and spices that are applied according to each falafel’s owner; everyone has his own unique and secret recipe. The little falafel balls re usually thrown in a pita where they are nestled alongside fleshly cut salads, tehina sauce, hummus, pickled vegetables and often chips. Falafel is locally available and is sold in most street corners especially of larger towns. Falafels are sold for as little as 10 to 15 shekels per portion.  This is also some of the cheapest meal that you will ever eat in Israel.


Hummus is one of the most prince charming foods of Israel, hummus actually originated from Lebanon. Hummus is a spread or a dip that’s made up from some crushed chickpeas which are mixed with lemon, olive oil, garlic, salt and tehina. Hummus can be served in a variety of ways like fava beans, hard boiled eggs. Hummus is best served as a side dish. Hummus can be found in all hotels and even supermarkets. Hummus is well known for its nutritional value, for beginners you should be aware as it can play havoc with intestinal gases and this might really disappoint you.(image by alicehou).

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Shwarma is another popular street food of Israel, typically, Shwarma is slices of turkey, lamb or chicken which are normally shaved off from a slab of vertically rotating meat on a big spit. The food is quite similar to the Turkish doner kebab. Shwarma, just like falafel is eaten with salads, Tihina sauce, hummus, Chips and pickles or lafa for bigger boys. Most people find Shwarma more satisfying than hummus or falafel.


Mostly Israelis serve Jachnun early on Saturday morning, however the food is still available throughout the week in most restaurants and hotels. Jachnun is made by rolling dough with plenty of unhealthy margarineand is then cooked overnight for 10 to 12 hours.


Shakshooka is yet another great Israel food that’s a concoction of onions, tomatoes, garlic and some other crucial spices like the see paprika which is prepared to a liquid state and them poured on top with some poached eggs all in the same frying pan. Don’t be alarmed to see a great fling pan placed right in front of your table while it’s still piping hot. The meal is quite affordable and very satisfying especially if you get some bread to soak the frying pan juices.

Israel is home to some great dishes, you will definitely enjoy the delicacies served on the table. You might also consider trying some other great dishes but ensure you try them from recognized restaurants to reduce instances of food poisoning.


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