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Ganbanyoku: Heaven Sent Within Arm’s Reach


Joy of traveling With the advent of an overworked society, people are beginning to find various channels of relaxation to temporarily escape stress. One popular alternative to combat tension is by heading to spas. Believed to be derived from the acronym of the Latin phrase “salus per aquae” (health through water), spas are patterned from the therapeutic public bath houses of the ancient Greeks and Romans. As such, different types of these stress-relievers have emerged upon the increasing demand. One of the newest treatments that is being buzzed about is the Ganbanyoku.

Literally meaning “Hot Stone Bed” in Japanese, the famed ARIA Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Nevada proudly proclaims to be the only US-based hotel to offer such specialized spa treatment. Flat slabs of stone panels are carefully laid out, spaced evenly to provide maximum comfort for their spa clients. These solid sheets are raised on marble platforms, simulating the height of normal sleeping beds. For this one-of-a-kind service, a very distinct type of stone is being utilized. Sourced in the wintry region of Hokkaido Prefecture, this has been a staple in rustic Japanese bath houses and therapeutic resorts even in the early days. Upon the increase in positive feedback of patrons, the “Sin City” based hotel then decided to import this healing stone to American shores.

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The Black Silica is a sedimentary stone that is a product of a million-year process of underwater formation. The distinct dark color can be attributed to the presence of carbon, amongst a mixture of alumina and silica. With its’ amazing ability to emit far-infrared (FIR) rays, which is an invisible strip of light that is felt through heat; Black Silica has the capacity to help heal one’s body. It is able to rejuvenate cells, increase blood circulation,

Holiday Buzzed Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do Ganbonyoku hot stone spa black Silica

Black Silica Sand

and promote rapid healing processes. Detoxification through the natural removal of toxins, metals, and other harmful elements, is another benefit that the stone can give. By undergoing “Ganbonyoku,” one’s metabolism increases, therefore “recharges one’s internal battery.”

Common ailments and stressors such as: Rheumatism, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Viruses, Sports injuries, and even Insomnia can be relieved through this type of FIR-utilizing spa therapy. With the heat generated by the Black Silica stones, relief from pains and inflammations are immediately felt. This is why the amazing benefits of this oriental therapy have beckoned many hotel guests and even locals to try it.

Without the need to book an expensive flight and take days to be able to head to Japan, one can be able to have the opportunity to detoxify, and at the same time ultimately relax in the comforts of a five-star hotel. Indeed, ARIA’s unique spa innovation is “heaven sent, within arm’s reach.”


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