Getting Around in Morocco


So you’ve arrived in Morocco and your thinking about travelling around a bit and discovering some of the hidden treasures of this wonderfully cultural destination in Northern Africa. If you plan on getting around in Morocco it’s important to know the best ways to do so, the different travel networks, the particular forms of transportation available for certain trips and the availability of specific areas of the country. Here’s a detailed analysis of some of the best ways to get from A to B in Morocco.


Trains are considered one of the most efficient ways of getting around in Morocco thanks to the train networks that link Marrakech and Tangier. There’s also a branch line to Oujda that begins at Sidi Kachem which links Meknes and Fez to the main train line. You are likely to find that the day-to-day travellers on Morocco’s train lines are very friendly and always find the time to discuss things with fellow passengers. If you’re a tourist, the locals are more than happy to help you with travel advice or any recommended destinations in the area. With such a major Arabic population in Morocco, it is recommended that you greet fellow passengers who enter your carriage with “Salam”, the common greeting word in Morocco. You can use the train network to reach the major locations in Morocco and this is why it’s such a popular form of transport throughout the country.


If you want to do a bit of sightseeing from the air, plane travel is possible but not necessarily a regularly used option. There are some wonderful specific airlines that can take you to the various cities in Morocco though they might set you back a fair amount of cash. The Royal Air Maroc service can take you to most cities in Morocco and provide an excellent service, but it’s not recommended if you want to save money for the long term. You can also make use of other airlines such as and Air Arabia Maroc.


There is universal coverage from the bus networks in Morocco, with luxury buses providing the ideal service despite its unusual leaving and arrival times. Luxury bus travel services such as Supratours provide tickets that are specifically in tandem with the rail network. There are reasonable prices for luggage and so on if you need to take your things with you on a journey. The local buses are a far more casual way of getting around and provide you with an exemplary service that gets you from A to B. It might not have the efficiency of the luxury bus service but it gives you the opportunity to take in the surroundings and get used to travelling as any other local would do so.

Taxi Service

If your finished venturing through the market stalls in Marrakech and need to get back to your hotel, the taxi service is a great way to embrace the local community. If the journey is a reasonably short one, you can use the petit taxi service to take you from one side of town to the other. If you’d prefer, you can use the grand taxi service for longer journeys though they are slightly more expensive. The vehicle commonly used for the grand taxi service is Mercedes Sedans.

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