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Generally, people rate Europe as a very expensive place to travel for a vacation. In a previous post I had listed 10 things to do when visiting Europe. It is also termed as a highly crowded place for tourism purposes. However, people do not realize that Eastern Europe countries are economic places to visit. These countries offer some of the most affordable tourism destinations that you may afford despite the hard economy facing the world.  Flying this countries is also very affordable and finding cheap airlines on fly.co.uk is a great idea.  Apart from Greek and Turkey, the rest Eastern Europe countries will offer you cheap but some of the best history and beauty. The top five tourism destinations in Eastern Europe include:


Hungary is one of the cheapest Eastern Europe countries to visit. Its capital city, also the largest city, is Budapest. Budapest offers fascinating architecture and beautiful river scapes that rival those of London and Paris. Its history is largely influenced by Austrian and Turkish occupation. Its history also has influences from communism. Hungary’s museums are more affordable compared to western European ones. Hungary boasts as a land of thermal water. Its history and spa culture have always been connected together and are major tourism attraction sites. For instance, Lake Heviz in Hungary is the largest thermal lake in the entire Europe continent. Generally, it’s a tourism destination filled with scenic baths, walks and incredible nature views.


Romania is another country in East Europe that boasts of economic vacation destinations. For instance, Transylvania offers lots of history about Romania such as ruined castles, medieval towns and monasteries. Transylvania itself is a plateau and is situated in the North Western part of Romania. It was originally part of Hungary but was later incorporated as part of Romania after World War I. the Transylvania Alps that separate Transylvania from the rest of Romania are also a cheap area to visit. Transport by trains and buses between cities in Romania are very reliable, cheap and comfortable. The country also offers good cites for hiking, skiing, biking and caving among other recreation activities.


Croatia is an economic tourism destination that offers some of the best coastal beaches to visit in Europe. With the tough economy, it is surely a place to be. For instance, the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia offers inexpensive beach hotels.

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Tourists usually flock France, Greece and Italian coasts making the very expensive. Thus, going to the East Europe can save you lots of money in Croatian coasts. The Dalmatian coast has gorgeous ancient seaside towns. It also has fascinating islands.


If you are a tourist that loves history, Tallinn in Estonia is a sure vacation destination to visit. Tallinn itself is a port city located on the Gulf of Finland. It also boats as the capital city, as well as the largest city, of Estonia. Visiting Tallinn gives you a feeling of being in the 13th Century. There are affordable means of transport and economic accommodation in Estonia. The town has the best cites of historic scenes in Estonia.


Slovenia boats as having the best kept secrets about Europe. The country has some of the best nature views in Europe. Generally, Slovenia s a country charmed with beautiful coats, mountains and forests. The beaches offer biking as the most breathtaking activity in its coasts. It’s an economic place to visit when other European cities are crowded.

With such breathtaking tourism scenes, affordable accommodation and economic transport, East Europe is a sure place to visit for cheap vacations.

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