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Going to Germany for a Year – Get the National Health Insurance


There are no vaccination requirements when you are traveling to Germany however it’s good to be informed about any health risk that you face if you will be staying in Germany for like one year. The greatest outbreak of disease in Germany is the Lyme disease which mostly occurs in summer owing to the growing tick population. It’s therefore important to vaccinate yourself especially if you will be getting to the southern part of Germany. It’s also advisable you use insect repellent and constantly check yourself for ticks especially if you will be walking in tall grasses. Here are some health tips you ought to consider if you will be in Germany for a year.


It’s still in order to caution yourself and get some vaccinations while you are going to Germany, this, might help you avoid some contagious diseases. Vaccinate yourself against hepatitis a which is also known as (IG) Immune globulin. Hepatitis B is best recommended if you will be exposed to blood or if you will be involved in sex with the local people. Get boosters for diphtheria and tetanus diseases to.

During your entire stay in Germany, you can employ these health precautionary measures to ensure you keep healthy and fit

The dos and don’ts

Never consume raw or undercooked animal products be it beef, fish, poultry, raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy products among others, by doing so you reduce the chance of contracting bovine spongiform encephalopathy or [nvCJD] new variant Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease.

Avoid night traveling and always wear seatbelts to caution you against motor vehicle trauma.

Wear long clothing and if possible smear yourself with mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites when you are living or getting to a mosquito infested area. Insect repellents will also see you avoid insect bites.

Take only bottled water for drinking, water may be a quick channel for coming into contact with disease causing micro organism.

If you have to eat fruits, eat fruits that you have peeled by yourself, avoid half cooked foods and vegetables.

Keep your feet dry and clean, never walk on your bare feet; this will see you avoid parasitic infections.(image by Arches Health).

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While going for a sex escapade ensure you use latex and well lubricated condoms to avoid the risk of contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Avoid food that you get from street vendors, you never know how they were prepared; these foods might be time bombs.

Keep warm and avoid beverages with ice, apart from risking cold, you also don’t know the safety of the water used to make the ice.

Don’t be overfriendly to animals especially monkeys, cats and dogs; they might give you serious bites and unfriendly diseases like plague or rabies.

Avoid places prone to heavy flooding especially during spring and summer, take precaution.

National health insurance

Take cover, you never know when the disease strikes, get some national health insurance cover, you can specify the period you want to stay, if you will extend your stay feel free to apply for a renewal.

Germany is a nice country to visit, mostly it has know tropical related diseases by they say prevention is better than cure, be advised, stay on the safer side of life.


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