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Great Accommodation options in Australia and New Zealand


Holidays offer a good way to lay back and relax; this goes a long way in providing the much needed peace, quite as well as revitalizing the body, soul and mind. Among the many essentials of any holiday, the accommodation facilities play a leading role; good and proper accommodation ensures that the visitor gains maximum satisfaction, thus enjoying the holiday more. A number of factors are considered before deciding on the accommodation facility, this will include the type, cost, location as well as other complimentary services. Popular accommodation types include the following:

Hotels: This is the most popular type of accommodation; hotels come in a wide array of classes that will easily suit the diverse needs of the public. The accommodation will come as low class budget hotels to the very high class well suited for the extravagant or plush visitors. Hotels also feature different types of packages; this allows the visitor to zero in on what fits his needs. Finding a hotel is easy and more convenient as compared to other types of accommodation due to the wide coverage. A drawback of hotels is the fact that most hotels are normally located outside the town centers and are also not cheap.

Apartments: Apartments are classy accommodation types that are well suited for a person looking for a homelike environment. Apartments’s also come with different packages but are not so widespread, apartments also are more confined away from the city centers for a more homely environment. Apartments are more suited for long stays and a large number of people. Unfortunately, the accommodation does not come cheap especially for short stays or a single person.

Guesthouses: This facility offer limited services that would be available in a hotel, guesthouses are much cheaper than hotels and will come with limited accommodation facilities. This makes guesthouses most suitable for short stays and will be suitable for a budget visitor.

Private Rooms: This type of accommodation is considered as among the best accommodation in terms of privacy and confidentiality. Most guesthouses are located in secluded environment thus offering privacy though this comes at a much higher price.

Hostels: Hostels offer basic accommodation facilities which are normally limited bed, breakfast and supper. Hostels lack the luxury found in most accommodation facilities. This accommodation is best suited for a night stop over or short term stays especially for an economic or budget tourist. Hostels are among the cheapest with most being located nearby towns and shopping centers consequently offering easy and quick access to other amenities.

Dorms: This is also another affordable form of accommodation, dorms shares similarities to hostels such as having limited luxury as well as being cheaper than most other accommodation types. Dorms offer minimal privacy or space thus suitable for short stays.

While scouting for a good and affordable accommodation facility, it is proper to practice due diligence during the selection. This will go a long way in avoiding situations such as paying for a high class accommodation only to later be stuck in a cheap inn at a dingy part of town. Following recommendations from family or friends, searching through the internet as well as using the social media are some of the avenues that will help in locating a good accommodation site.

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