Hanging Garden of Babylon


The hanging garden of Babylon is the one of the wonders in the world. This is a very awesome wonder in the world which is a nice tourist spots for the peoples. This was built in the city of Babylon in Iraq. It was built before 2500 years that is in 600 BC. The hanging garden of Babylon is located in the east bank of Euphrates near Baghdad of Iraq


The Babylon garden was built for King Nebakanezer II, king of Babylon for 43 years.  To say about the length and meter of the Babylon, the outer walls were 56 miles in length, 80 feet thick and 320 feet high.

Inside the wall of the garden it contains temples which contains statue made with gold.The hanging gardens of Babylon was a gift to Nebuchadnezzar wife which contains plants and animals which were brought from all over the world.

 The hanging gardens means not like hang. The name “hanging” came  from the Greek word “kremastos” or the Latin word “pensilis”, which mean that “overhanging” than just “hanging” as in the form of terrace or balcony. The gardens were  developed on a structure like a figurative and built in the form of elevated terraces, so that the gardens were look like different levels which grew around and on top of a building.

Facts about hanging garden of Babylon:

*The king of Babylon built it to console her wife

*The hanging garden of Babylon was destroyed by earthquake

*There were many animals were lived in that garden

*The gardens also called as the gardens of Babylon

Although the hanging garden of Babylon is also a good tourist spot for the people and a beautiful place to visit and enjoy, just look for a good travelling agency and have a grat and enjoyable tour.

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