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With the holidays fast approaching and in fact, for any holiday that comes around, the most enjoyable thing to do is to plan a trip that will take you to places that you can enjoy. Taking a bus to go on that trip can only add to the excitement and enjoyment of that trip. The thought of actually going on a trip on a bus is one that is greatly anticipated by some.

Being with family members, friends. or co-workers on a bus is a great way to interact and enjoy your trip. There are others who actually dread these trips and are even afraid to go on one. They prefer to drive their own vehicles, thus missing out on the fun.

The fear usually stems from the thought of putting your life into the hands of another human being, especially someone you are not familiar with. A holiday mini bus hire from Selwyn’s can greatly alleviate that fear and allow you to actually relax and enjoy the ride.

They offer a service that is matched by no other. For over forty years, they have provided quality service at a convenient price. The care they take in maintaining their safety standards are unparalleled. Your event can be one of total enjoyment if you trust them with your trip.

They have friendly, uniformed staff who drive their fleet of modern, well-maintained, minibuses, which range in sizes from a 16 to 57 seaters.  They have seatbelts throughout the buses that make them more secure if the ride is rigorous.

As members of the recognized body of the Guild of British Coach Operators (GBCO) and the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) they have standards to maintain, thus the quality and uncompromised safety of their buses.

Holiday trips are by far the most anticipated. You have no obligations such as going to work the following day to worry about. You just pack your bags, plan your trip, and leave the rest in the capable hands of Selwyn’s.

Whatever your event, you can use their holiday mini bus hire to make it a memorable trip. The comfort and safety that you can experience with Selwyn’s can allow you to completely relax and enjoy your weekend trip.

Their expertise span over 40 years and the price is completely affordable. Your weekend trip can include visits to museums, castles, zoos, and parks. Take a Thames River Cruise, visit the Tower of London, or the Westminster Abbey. There are so many things that you can do and see with your holiday mini bus hire on your weekend trip. Selwyn’s can make it an unforgettable experience.

They have locations in the North West, Manchester, Liverpool, Manchester Airport and Runcorn. With a bus hire, you can explore all of the UK. When the buses are on the road, satellite monitoring is used to monitor them as well as a 24 hour breakdown service that they have in place. With this in place you can be comfortable knowing that in the event of a breakdown or puncture you will be properly taken care of.

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