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How To Tackle Post Holiday Blues When Returning To Work


One of the saddest aspects of a holiday is that it must come to an end. There is nothing worse then re-entering the office that you had so cheerfully departed a couple of weeks previously, to find nothing has changed and that your email inbox still appears insurmountable.


Many people tackle the post-holiday blues by immediately planning another holiday. Even if this will only be a short break, it’s still a form of release from the humdrum monotony of daily office life.  For those who have to be conscious of their budgets, using Allianz Global Assistance annual travel insurance is economical as it covers multiple trips and holidays within any given year.
holiday planning
Once you’ve realised that the only way in which you can cope with the office is to plan to escape it with frequent breaks, life suddenly becomes more bearable. Many people find that if they have the pleasure of another holiday on the horizon then they can actually work more efficiently.  (Image Courtesy of Kevin H.)

Statutory Leave

Those in full-time employment are entitled to 28 days statutory leave a year. Whether this entitlement covers public holidays is up to the respective employer but it’s still sufficient time to top up your suntan for a week or just pop over to Europe for numerous long weekends.

Flying across the Atlantic can be counterproductive, as you’ll be fighting with jet lag on your return. Mini breaks have become increasingly popular and the idea of carrying out some retail therapy in Paris as well as taking in a quick gourmet meal must make the 9-5 daily ritual appear more bearable.

Another reason for their popularity is that it won’t take you quite so long to be acclimatised to work after such a short break and your energy should be re-vitalised.


Post-holiday blues also can be conquered if you realise that your work will enable you to travel.  The harder that you concentrate in the workplace, the sooner you’ll be able to spend your well-earned salary on a holiday of your choice.

If it helps, pin up some postcards of your next holiday destination on your notice board. This will act as a distraction the next time that a pompous colleague floats over to engage you in conversation.

You’ll be able to focus on the postcard and dream of your forthcoming escape.

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