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India’s Top Tourist Treasures


For millennia, India has been a curiosity for people the world over. A melting pot of exotic ideas, cultures and traditions, the Indian subcontinent is a gem, offering such a wealth of experiences to the wily traveller that it could easily be considered one of the best places to travel to for people that want to escape the boredom and monotony of normal life. India is a huge country though, so where exactly are the best places to visit? Here are some of our favourites.

Pangong Lake 

Located in Ladakh, an exceptionally beautiful Indian region that sits amongst the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Pangong Lake is a truly wonderful place to visit. Crystal clear waters, set amongst dry, otherworldly hills and mountains that compliment perfectly the area’s often azure skies, the lake is a bastion of serenity, calmness and magic (image by SAGAR PURO).

Pangong Lake
Living Root Bridges 

Deep within the tropical forests of Meghalaya there exists a truly amazing feat of natural-meets-man, the Living Root Bridges. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the bridges are formed out of roots, spanning the sleepy rivers and streams that criss-cross this magical land. Some of the vine-swaddled mess of vines are over a hundred feet long and can carry the weight of fifty people!


A starting point for all manner of trekking routes, Dharamshala is also a wondrous city in its own right, featuring 8th century temples, enormous waterfalls and museums and galleriesthat showcase artefacts from Tibet, Buddhist centres and the Indian arts scene. Cricket fans will adore the city’s Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, an internationally renowned centre of all things cricket. If you manage to catch a game, make sure you get up to grips on all the latest cricket news with Coral’s mobile app and website- it’s a great source of all things related to the game and will help you swot up on the tos and fros of the Indian leagues (image by Rckr88).

New Delhi 

The soaring capital of India, New Delhi is a great destination for those wanting a dose of excitement. Along the city’s bustling streets there are all manner of artesian and food-related treasures, and the city’s more touristy sights are excellent. The grand Lotus Temple, towering India Gate and the historic Akshardham Temple and Humayun’s Tomb are all just begging to be seen. Lovers of culture will enjoy the National Museum, one of India’s largest, and the National Museum of Natural History, an ode to India’s menagerie of flora and fauna.


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