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International travel can be a hassle, but passengers around the world were delighted to experience the journey-simplifying impact of KLM’s #happytohelp project.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines undertook a unique mission to help any traveller in need, not just those flying with KLM.
From a special HQ at Schiphol Plaza in Amsterdam Airport, the #happytohelp team assisted travellers at airports worldwide and via social media for five days. KLM’s innovative help centre was open 24 hours a day and demonstrated the extraordinary lengths the airline goes to for all air travellers.

The KLM team searched across social media, providing travel advice to anyone who was heading abroad. Holidaymakers were treated to personalised video tips that directly related to their destination. During the week passengers were helped out with lost or forgotten passports and provided with beds during long nights waiting hours at airports, as mere examples. All of this activity was documented and uploaded to KLM’s social media and YouTube channels for all to see.

Watch more of the amazing and heart-warming #happytohelp exploits here – KLM.

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