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Locations for Amazing Cave Diving Around the World


Cave diving as the name suggest is under water diving in partially or fully water filled caves, you require to carry special equipments to help you cave dive mostly the scuba equipment. Cave diving is a challenging sport that is potentially dangerous but can also be the most rewarding activity you ever undertook. Immediately you dive, you are subjected to explore great and marvelous underwater landscapes, great water borne creatures as well as breathtaking picturesque sites in an alien secret world. Lately cave diving is being considered as a holiday or vacation activity but people find it hard to locate good and amazing caves. Here are some of the best amazing caves diving caves around the world.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole cave is located in Belize and is more than 124 meters deep. Its circular shaped and has a radius of 150 meters. Among its favorite spots is Lighthouse reef which is most popular among divers who are seeking to acquire PADI Deep Diver certificate. The diving site has been ranked among the ten best scuba diving places the world has to offer. Underground you will love to see the breathtaking coral formation, elaborate stalactites as well as some few shark species that dwell in these waters.(image by Our Breathing Planet OBP).

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St John’s Caves, Egypt

Located in the Red Sea in Egypt, St John’s cave is has spectacular caves and reefs that will really fascinate you. Besides its also home to marine life and provides a serenity that’s hard to match with any other place in the world. St John’s remains the focal point of Red Sea live aboard.

Blue Abyss, Mexico

Blue Abyss is located in Mexico and is famous for its fragile and intense cave decorations, the few blue caves remaining in the world.  Very few people have managed to explore this great cave diving site so you can take the opportunity and be among the chosen few people of the world who have successfully exploited the cave.

Cuzan Nah Loop, Mexico

Also located in Mexico, the Cuzan Nah Loop caving system happens to be the longest caving system in the world. The cave is full of amazing cave decorations and is best for the less experienced divers as they can have easily maneuver and find a way out of the caves. Experienced divers will not find it as exciting as it has very little challenges in its system.

Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

The Chinhoyi caves were once described as spiritual and addictive, they are located in, Zimbabwe, Africa. The caves are best suited for the hard to please experienced divers as they give you a chance to experience the incomparable serene caves that are one of a kind. The myths and eons of folklore excite too. Zimbabwe might not be an ideal tourist destination location but if you are looking for real scuba diving experience, Zimbabwe caves are a must exploit.(image by Colin2012).

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe Amazing Cave Diving Around the World
Caves are nice to exploit and are also ideal holiday vacation sites. You can try exploiting one of these great underwater caving systems and if possible exploit them with your family. It’s important however to let the family members choose to exploit the cave sat free will, don’t force them.



Feature image by Ron B. Ami

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