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Long London Days and Even Longer Evenings


You know how it is. You live in London, working 9 to 5 and completely square-eyed at the end of the working day. But there is no doubt that some nights you’ll find that little part of your brain telling you to “go on, go out”; metaphorically referred to as the Devil on your shoulder. Even if you’re not a 9 to 5er; if you’re a guy, in London, your chances out on the town, in the near future are high. The possibilities are endless. With undoubtedly some of the best eclectic and vibrant nightlife in Britain, the city of London comes most alive when the sun goes down. There’s something for everyone; with venues from wild and wacky hipster clubs to speak-easy boutique bars, plus everything in between. It really doesn’t matter what you’re after; whether it’s music, theatre, sight-seeing, or just some fun, sociable drinks.

First things first; decide what it is you want to do. Maybe a large headline club like Fabric will take your fancy, or maybe you’d prefer the alternative feel and beats of the pub-club Dogstar in the South.

Whatever your mood, you have never heard a guy complain after a night out in London town (with the exception of ‘headaches’). There’s nights when you marvel at your time in the city and those where you wonder what the hell happened. But what can be guaranteed is that, sooner or later, you might crave the company of someone new, a certain elegance of the opposite sex. It might be pre-empted; you might get a sudden urge, but you’d like someone special there. What you might not want is the awkward ‘hanging around at the bar’ or the monotonous endurance of small talk. Remember, you’re in London. There are always gorgeous women ready to join the fun. They’re gracious and friendly, with infectious personalities that make you feel like staying up all night. And why wouldn’t you? Make the phone call with a difference; you’ll definitely be left smiling.

Suddenly, you really can go anywhere. Experience the places you wouldn’t dare set foot without a lady on your arm for company. Increase your horizons and truly see everything around London. Get the girl, raise your energy, and let your imagination run wild together.

You’re ready to go. Showered, groomed, and sporting your favourite pair of trousers (the shirt vs. polo shirt decision lies with your destination, we know that). You’ve called the companion you want to spend the evening with. So let’s discuss options.

You might be looking for something a bit hipster, that’s open for business until the early-early hours; try Shoreditch. You can enter during the dead of night and before you know it, you’ll be leaving as the sun comes up. Around Holborn you’ll find Bounce, the home of Ping-Pong. As an after-work favourite you can have drinks, a bit of pizza, and carry on into the night. Grab a table, play Ping-Pong, and make sure you let her win! Or how about combining drinks with some cheeky sketches? Try the ever-popular Doodle Bar in Battersea, where every table is a sketchpad and every white wall is your canvas. With a DJ bar on into the night you needn’t go anywhere else.

Looking for something different still? Visit The Renaissance Rooms together in Vauxhall. There you will find four exciting bars amidst the retro roller disco. Complete with some of the best grooves in funky soul and retro house, get down to the disco inferno of clubbing on wheels. Perhaps that’s a little loud and colourful. How about a smooth jazz scene around Soho? Ronnie Scott’s offers you the most famous jazz club in Britain. An intimate venue, with all-seated tables gathered around the lit stage. You’re sure to spend the night lost in the music as well as your enchanting company.

These scenes have been mentioned to you for a reason. Not only will you find great venues you might not already know, but they are ice-breakers in themselves. Your woman is not shy but you always want to impress. You want to have fun, and you want her to have fun. Most importantly, these places are better when you’re together. Together with a beautiful female who wants to make your night the best it can be.

Whatever you do, you’ll love a night out in London and everything about it. Create your own London. Indulge every so often in new things and you will not regret it. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little difference to shake up London life. Enjoy!

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