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Marvelous Family Vacation In Athens Attica Greece


The beauty and the unique landscape of the Athens Attica Greece make it the best place to have a marvelous family vacation. With so many things to and see and so many resorts that are children friendly what a better place to take your family than the Athens.

The Attica Zoological Park

The park was Opened in the year two thousand, the Attica Zoological Park is home to over two hundred and seventy different species of bird and as well as many tropical bird. It is actually the third largest bird park in the whole world. The park is situated on the outskirts of Athens, in the Spata area. Attica Zoological Park also keeps the kangaroos, the llamas, the reptiles and other small animals. With play area for children’s, picnic area and a café, this is a good place for a family day out.(image by : blmiers2)

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Guided Bus Tour

The bus is Air-conditioned and it is a guided bus tours that operate throughout the day in Athens, and there is even another guided bus tour at night. The English speaking guides are on board the bus and you are allowed time for walking around at some of the stops, to take in the beautiful surroundings. There is also hop on and a hop off guided bus tours and these tours provide an easy way of sightseeing. With daily hop on and hop off tickets. This is a very useful way to travel around Athens, since you are allowed to leave the bus to explore the surroundings and get back on when you are ready.

The Allou fun park

The Allou Fun Park offers children and the adults the opportunity to enjoy some seriously exciting rides, such as the Big Apple and the Crazy Mouse. There are many rides to suit every age group and the thrill threshold, from the serene and relaxing to the eye popping scary rides. The beautiful views over the city of Athens from the top of the panoramic ferries wheel make great photo souvenirs for your friends.

The Hellenic Children Museum

The museum aims to encourage the children to explore, learn, discover and question all that is around them. The museum is located in two houses which have been specifically designed for use by children. Kids will be excited to find a museum dedicated to their amusement rather than the more traditional ones. The spaces are full of games and the interactive exhibits and a variety of activities are organized for the visitors. An activity organized might be something like learning how to make a chocolate make it, and then getting to eat it! The Hellenic Children’s Museum is both educational and extremely entertaining for both the children and the adults. It is nice way to spend some few hours of your vacation with your kids.(image by : Mykael Folsom)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Hellenic Children Museum Marvelous Family Vacation In Athens Attica Greece

Athens Attica Greece offers so much for your family to have a marvelous vacation, the friendly people and the friendly staff of any place you visit will make you fall in love with Athens. The children friendly resorts and hotels make your vacation even more exciting with different kids club and family activities.


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Feature image by : Ioannis D. Giannakopoulos

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