Mayan Palace Fraud: False Rumors Tar the Image of an Excellent Cancun Resort


The Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is a great resort located in the heart of Cancun. It has been the victim of libelous online “reviews” that alleged Mayan Palace fraud. However, there is absolutely no truth whatsoever to these unsubstantiated allegations. In fact, the Mayan Palace Cancun is one of the best resorts in all of Cancun and even the entire country of Mexico. These false rumors have tarred the image of this great resort in Cancun. Instead of being led astray by them, explore what real guests have to say about the Mayan Palace!

The Service by Staff Is Outstanding

So much of any great resort and vacation experience can be traced back directly to the staff at the resort. If the staff is awful, then your vacation will be tarnished; as a result, your impression of the resort will deteriorate as well. At the Grand Palace Riviera Maya, though, the staff provides great service to their guests. Many reviews on TripAdvisor can attest to this. Reviewers sing the praises of the front desk staff and even the shuttle drivers at the resort. The staff is also super-friendly. Many guests have stories of using their remedial Spanish, only to be dealt with respectfully and amicably by staff.

Pool Architecture Is Something Memorable

Many reviews on TripAdvisor are from guests who can’t stop remarking how wonderful the pool complex was. Many guests state that the pool itself was nothing short of spectacular, both in terms of what it was to see it as well as its practical function. For one thing, the architecture and landscaping of the pool are brilliant, and the design of the pool speaks to this. The shallow areas are exclusively reserved for the kids, and the deeper areas are made for the adults. In other words, there is never a chance for a mishap to occur, such as one where an experienced adult swimmer collides into a four-year-old.

Come and Enjoy the Animals on the Property

One thing that definitely sets the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya apart from other resorts is the fact that animals are actually right on the resort property. Sure, the establishment is not a zoo, but guests appreciate the fact that they can somewhat interact with the animals. Guests brag about walking on each path of the resort and encountering various animals that are held in pens. One pen features adult crocodiles while another holds younger crocodiles, including some babies! Even pink flamingoes have their own pen at the resort. Needless to say, seeing these animals up close and personal while perusing the resort is just another bonus. Now you know all you need to know about the enjoyment possibilities at the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, the closest Grand Mayan resort to Cancun. While false and libelous online “reviews” have victimized this nice establishment, people who have been there know that it is a great place in which to spend a vacation. So come down to Cancun and stay at this resort when you’re vacationing in Mexico.

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