My Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park Experience: A Visitor Review


I had heard a lot about Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park before I decided to take my family there for our annual holiday. I really enjoyed camping experiences as a child, so I thought that this might be a great time to share this experience with my own children, who are eight and ten years old. After reading some very positive reviews by, I decided that this destination had something to offer everyone, including my wife who particularly enjoys mini-golf. At the start of summer I packed our bags and off we went.

A Great Location

As you will most likely know if you’ve read up on the Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park, this park is situated in between Richmond River and the Pacific Ocean, making it about 1 hour away from the Gold Coast Airport. This location was convenient since we flew in and hired a vehicle and drove it down to the Gold Coast. I was looking forward to a week’s worth of peace and quiet, and all my research pointed to the fact that this is exactly what I was going to get, as stated by

First Impressions

My first impression of Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park was that it had a lot to offer us. They allowed us to pick from a Lakeside Waterfront Bungalow or a more modern villa, among options such as a caravan or tent, so we picked a bungalow. One of the facets that I enjoyed the most was the fact that the lake was close by, which means I could take the children down to the edge of the water to search for hermit crabs and other interesting water-based creatures.

Modern Conveniences

As with any holiday destination, I wanted to make sure that I could benefit from all of the modern conveniences that I have grown accustomed to, including wireless internet, and I wasn’t disappointed. We were able to connect to the internet shortly after we arrived and our bungalow was fitted with airconditioning (a must in the summer heat), a clothes dryer and microwave, among other features. We were also told that the guests get the option of making use of the conference facilities, ironing service, games room and cinema. The water park will most likely be a big hit with the children, although they also have the option of picking between a river and the beach, which are located less than 700 meters from the bungalows.

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, you won’t run short of options, including an 18-hole mini golf course, a playground and a range of exciting activities that take place throughout the summer months. Because this is quite a popular tourist destination, you’ll find that your children quickly make friends with the other kids (just as mine did) and this means you’ll have a lot of time to yourself.


I found that the pricing was quite fair and because I was a Top Tourist member, I received a 10% discount on my stay, which added up to about $30. It is worth noting that different types of accommodations are offered at different prices, so it is important that visitors call ahead for more information.


All-in-all, I would say that my stay was very enjoyable and I would recommend the Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park to anyone looking for a more laid back getaway, as well as someone looking to enjoy a more luxurious retreat. I will be returning to this tourist park next summer.

About the author

Thomas Poole is a retired wildlife photographer. He enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family in some of the best camping sites and tourist parks around Australia.

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