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My Own Experience: Transporting My Dog From The UK to Australia


When the family decided that we wanted to move over to Australia, we knew we weren’t going to be able to leave Max, our German Sheppard, behind. Right from the start, we looked into bringing him over and we quickly realized what a daunting process this was going to be. What we didn’t know was that it was going to be so much more complicated than we thought, until we had all the information we needed. It took a lot of time and even more research, but in the end we succeeded in bringing him over. This is our story.

Part Of The Family

Before I go into how bringing Max to Australia cost around £3,000 and took months of planning to achieve, I need to explain why we chose to do this. Max is a part of the family, and so it wasn’t a question of whether or not he should come, it was merely a discussion of how we could go about this. If you think of your pet as more of an “accessory” to your property, going through all of the effort might not be worthwhile, but to us it was absolutely necessary, just like a family who went through a similar experience.

Calling The Pet Relocation Agency

Once we had made up our minds, we called Aeropets who told us that they could help us through the entire process. We were glad we went this route, even though we could have done everything on our own because they clearly had a lot more experience than us, so they knew what was expected of them right from the beginning. First off, they asked us if the max’s shots were up to date, then they went through what we could expect. They were very friendly and helpful.


We were told that we didn’t have to have a rabies test done on Max, but he would have to be placed into Quarantine for 30 days. We were heart broken by this, of course, but it also gave us the chance to move into our new property and set everything up before our pet came home. We knew that if we had moved over from New Zealand, there would be no quarantine required at all, as stated by, but since we came from the UK, things were different.

Preparing Max For The Flight

In order to prepare Max for the flight, we had him spend a couple of minutes in his crate every day until the time came for him to be transported to the airport. At the start, he was a bit apprehensive, but he soon became use to it and even enjoyed spending time in it. We ensured that his crate was lined with comfortable bedding for the flight. We were told that we should use proper bedding and not newspaper, because this could become soiled and uncomfortable and this was the last thing we wanted for our Max.

Lastly, we had to set up a water container that would be fixed in the crate and a funnel that could be used to fill up the container from the outside. No one is allowed to open the crate once it is sealed within the country from which it is being exported, so handlers need to reach the water bowl from the outside.

Once Max arrived at his new home, we knew we had made the right choice. He is doing very well and he loved the warm climate just as much as we do. We couldn’t be happier that our family is together again, especially being so far from “home”.

Joe Turner is an archeologist and history buff who loves the great outdoors. He and Max spend a lot of time exploring the woods around their home, looking for “artifacts” and other treasures to add to their growing collection.

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