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Nature at Changi Airport, Singapore


First impressions are lasting, and they usually start at any country’s airport. Singapore has realised this and put all their effort into making Changi Airport the Asian hub for transit satisfaction. Carefully thought-out research and landscaping has made Changi Airport one of travellers favourite stop-overs, with places to rest and entertain spread through all terminals.

Nature at Changi Airport, Singapore

Not all of us are after fancy gadgets and free Wi-Fi, though. Changi Airport is filled with entertainment for nature lovers who can experience tranquillity at the time it’s needed the most. The last thing you want to do is to try and login to your email after an insomniac 6 hour plane trip. The Departure Transit Malls have themed gardens that will put you in a peacefully relaxed mood. Here is a review of nature at Changi.

Cactus Garden: Terminal 1 Departures West, Level 3

The Cactus Garden has over 40 different species of succulents and cacti found in African and American regions. You can step outside here to have a smoke or grab something to drink and relax while you try and figure out your departure information.

Sunflower Garden: Terminal 2 Departures

With over 500 sunflowers greeting you as you land in Singapore, the Sunflower Garden will brighten up the darkest, most gloomy days in the city-state. At night, the garden is enchanted by bulbs to bring true beauty to life. With a vintage view of the airfield, the Sunflower Garden makes a perfect stop to take a breath of fresh air and realise where you actually are.

Orchid Garden: Terminal 2 Departures

The mere sight of orchids can turn anyone’s day around, which is why Changi Airport has their very own Orchid Garden to display over 15 different species of orchids on natural structures. One of my favourites is the ones tied on driftwood hanging in the Koi Pound.

Koi Pound: Terminal 2 Departures, Level 2, Terminal 3 Departures, North and South Level 2

Koi, or ‘Nishikogi’, is a colourful freshwater fish found in the waters of Asia. The expensive beauty is a result of the dramatic changes in colour as the fish grows and matures. You can watch and admire Koi in the Koi Pound while you let the sound of flowing water ease any travelling stress.

Butterfly Garden: Terminal 3 Departures, Levels 2-3

No matter what your opinion on insects is, there’s no denying the beauty found in observing butterflies flap their elegance through the air. The 330sqm open-air Butterfly Garden houses over 1,000 butterflies free to roam over two stories. The species are native to Malaysia and Singapore, so a transit at Changi might be the only time you’ll catch a glimpse of such art.

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