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New Look Of American Airline


Joy of traveling American airlines are the major airlines in the U.S. This function with its headquarters placed in Fort Worth. To tell about this flight it has a fleet size of 605. It contains more than 260 destinations and focuses on the New York City. It has the slogan “We know you fly”. Its headquarters is placed in Fort Worth, Texas, Usa. Speaking about its logo it was in 1967 when the AA logo was designed and a very famous one now. The Eagle’s painting in the fuselage which became the famous symbol of the company.

But now it is the time for new news now after 45 years there has been a new face lift of the airlines. The new news is that a huge amount of investments to upgrade the existing system and the flight experiences. This was because they thought that it was time for a new look to the public. This plan was decided past two years with the modernization plans. The new logo of the air flight is the aircraft has a bold red and blue striped tail design. This new design was brought after getting many reviews from the staffs and the customers.

This design was opted because they wanted the customers to understand their views clearly. In addition to this they have planned to add about 1500 flight attendants and also their training classes are also to get started. They are very much keen in rebuilding the brand so that the customers can get a very much more good experience. Newer and lighter materials are to be used and to be painted again. The colour of the paint was the most important factor to be chosen. Silver mica paint was the option so that the silver heritage could be maintained so that the customers are passionate. So this was the new news about this flight.

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