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Nomadic family is a group of people who move from one place to another depending on seasons. Most of nomadic families keep livestock as a way of earning a living. They have got no specific home and they do move because they search for grazing land, water and pastures to feed to their livestock. Nomadic people earn their living by traveling the world a lot of times throughout their lives. Though most of the nomadic family has a kind of place they call home and the place is mostly where their families or longtime friends are located; the most surprising thing is that they cannot spend even a few months there. They never settle in a new home and instead they keep on changing their homes. The idea of moving from one place to the other is stressing from other individuals’ perspective because man needs some stability and some comfort-ability for most of the times, but the nomadic family enjoys their way of living and they are always comfortable with their lifestyle.

nomadic family

The nomadic family values their lifestyle than anything else that other people may see as of more importance than nomadic lifestyle. For example, activities like relationships and career must be overlooked since with such; it’s hard to maintain the nomadic lifestyle. Nomadic families have got a lot of advantages and some of them are highlighted. Nomads avoid attachments. . This involves leaving the things that were not making one happy or going for things that make one happier. Nomads are very curious people. This is proven by their love to learn new things.

People from the nomadic family are able to adjust very fast to the environment and the surroundings. For example one can find himself or herself in a place where there is no access to information on what is less expensive, the person does not know how to speak the native language and even the way the people around the area where one has settled behave and the way they should be handled. Though it’s a challenge, the nomads gain experience by adjusting themselves to the environment.

One of the greatest challenges of the nomadic family is loneliness. Unlike other people who have family friend around them who can give them company when they are in need, nomads don’t enjoy those benefits because they are far away from their families most of the times.

Unlike the Nomadic family of the traditional era, modern nomads have got a lot of wealth and they live in luxuries. The young people today are said to be modern nomads because they love traveling and they can’t stick to one place of work.

With the nomadic family, the marriage age is around 14 to 15 years. The size of the family is of personal choice, that is, the man and the woman decides on the number of children to have. With this digital world, the social values of the nomads will continue declining. The world today is changing greatly making people to slowly start forgetting their culture and this will lead to complete changes in the way nomads will start living

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