Olympic City Tokyo


Just recently the city of Tokyo in Japan was awarded as the host city for the upcoming 2020 summer Olympics. The city will be hosting for the second time in history. The preparation hypes the city’s international recognition. Tokyo is expecting an increase of foreign travelers coming to the city. Sports savvy individuals and visiting tourists will be greeted by hospitable people, picturesque and modern society, a cultural perspective above what one has ever seen, and the sporting venues that are beyond comparison. The technological prowess of Japan and Tokyo is a jewel need to be seen and felt up close. The gateway for Tokyo is by either Haneda airport or the Narita airport. Both of these airports offer a world class service that people find remarkable. Travelling to Tokyo would be best served using jet charters. The Paramount Business Jets provide one a comforting journey around the best travel destination, Japan. And during the summer games, it is advisable to hire Paramount Jet Charters and to have a hassle free travel as the world will flock to Tokyo.

Tokyo Bay Zone

The Tokyo bay area will hold numerous events such as equestrian and archery held in dream island artificial land. The dream island is a beautiful area with lavish green scenery of plants and trees, an ideal site for momentous picture taking and watching Olympic events. The dream island offers another perspective besides Olympics in its tropical greenhouse which houses over 1,000 different species of plants mostly tropical ones. Another wonderful venue in development is the Tokyo Sea Forest. The setting in the sea forest lets one enjoy the great sporting action with scenery over the bay and a picturesque landscape as a backdrop of the surrounding.

Heritage Zone

The heritage area is a central business district. Olympic sports that are to be held here during the games will be athletics events as well as the new game of rugby 7 held in the National Olympic Stadium. The stadium will also host the 2019 rugby world cup prior to the summer games. The Ryogoku Kokugikan will hold boxing events during the games. And beyond Olympics is built a sumo hall with various important matches annually. Sumo might not be part of the games, but watching them also will make a new beautiful perspective about the sport and the people.

Olympic Marina

The Olympic marina is another artificial island in Japan. The Wakasu marina will be the venue for sailing events. The marina offers a mild and cozy atmosphere that makes one feel relaxed even if not watching the sailing events. In the nearby area is the Kasai Rinkai Park which holds the canoeing and kayaking events. For tourists to appreciate the area outside of sports is to visit its aquarium and bird sanctuary for a delightful day activity or even ride the ferris wheel and see places as far as Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Bay, and Mount Fuji.


Football is a sport loved by most Japanese and other people across the globe.  Japan offers many innovative and high tech stadiums for football dating back to the 2002 Korea Japan world cup. Stadiums such as the Sapporo Dome are unique structures that accommodate baseball and football together. The dome has a retractable surface that lets the sundry the grass field before putting back in the stadium during game time. The engineering aspect of the stadium is a delightful attraction of its own right. The Saitama, Tokyo, Miyagi stadiums also offer a unique and enticing appeal for spectators to flock the arena. People visiting the games will experience the passion of Japanese people especially when the time comes when Japanese national team plays.

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