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Places to Consider on Your Holiday to Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known to shine. Los Angeles offers tons of architecturally stunning vacation rentals you can enjoy as you see a movie star, sip a classy cocktail on a rooftop bar, or even visit Universal Studios. All of these activities are possible when you visit L.A. It can be difficult to cram in every activity, so usually you are only able to choose a hand full.

#1 Explore Venice Beach

A popular place to visit in L.A., it has been known as the “Kooky Mecca” of California. The beach is filled with many different people such as body builders, skate boarders, and your favorite pamphleteer. Alongside the beach are fantastic restaurants to stop by at for lunch. There are tons of fun places offering a quick meal. Many consider Venice Beach the most worthwhile and perfect casual getaway with your friends.

#2 Experience Hollywood

Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit a staple in the region. This area is well known to be associated with movies, television, drama, and celebrities. Hollywood is filled with interesting attractions such as the Chinese Theatre. You could literally spend days there and not run out of things to do and see.

Hollywood LA

#3 Griffin Park & Observatory

Located in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains, you will see Griffith Park. This park covers 4,210 acres of land and is the largest state park in California. You will find the Los Angeles Zoo and the Griffith Planetarium and Observatory. The observatory contains 3 solar telescopes allowing you to view the sun. Within the park are tons are beautiful trails to explore the landscape. The park was named after Griffith J. Griffith, because he donated a large part of the park to the city in 1896.

#4 J Paul Getty Museum

Designed by Richard Meier, the J Paul Getty Museum is set on 110 acres of land. The unique design and attractive setting, allows for a great experience to visit. J Paul Getty who was known as an oil magnate, created the museum and features contemporary art and Green & Roman antiquities. You can also find a small café and restaurant for when you need to eat lunch.

J Paul Getty Museum

#5 Visit Universal Studios in Hollywood

The studio tour available at Universal Studios is a well-known attraction in Los Angeles. The tour offers guests to explore an actual back lot of a Hollywood movie studio. While on the tour, it is narrated by Jimmy Fallon and get to see the amazing King Kong 360 3D, a revolutionary 3D experience. There are other 3D attractions including Transformers The Ride 3D and the new 3D Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Don’t miss out on these one-in-a-life-time 3D experiences before you leave!

What to Do Next

Los Angeles offers activities you can’t enjoy anywhere else. This unique opportunity ensures you will always have something to do when visiting.

When you are going to have a vacation in L.A. remember to consider the stunning vacation rentals available in and around the city. These rentals will greatly improve the vacation you have. You could be renting a beautiful villa near a crystal-blue beach. From there you can enjoy the sunny days and popular attractions around Los Angeles.


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