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Popular Attractions in Newcastle, UK


Newcastle was originally a Roman fort and is currently known to be a city rich with vibrant nightlife, sports as well as culture. It has a diverse range of attractions and sights. A tourist can never be short of activities to do while in Newcastle. Some of the most popular attractions in Newcastle include:

Metro Radio Arena

Located in the North east of England, this is considered to be the largest exhibition and concert venue which has hosted performances of some of the biggest names in the show business. The arena is located about a 15 minutes’ walk from Holiday Inn Express. Car hire in Newcastle can also be used to get you to the exhibition. Throughout the year, this amazing entertainment venue gives a variety of shows that range from sports, comedy and even music.

Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium is located on the coast of Tynemouth which is just a short drive from the Holiday Inn Express. This aquarium is home to a variety of exotic sea life. There are also miniature monkeys found in the aquarium that have been taken from the Amazon rainforest. The aquarium is home to over 40 themed habitats that visitors can enjoy watching a wide array of colorful tropical fish and even seals! (Image by Mandy Naumann)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Blue Reef Aquarium Popular Attractions in Newcastle, UK

Tyne and Wear Museums

Newcastle is known to be very rich with heritage as well as culture originating from the roman roots. Tyne and Wear museums appeal to a variety of interests as well as tastes with its collection of museums found around and in Newcastle. Some of these museums include the Discovery museums which has the world’s fastest ship, Turbinia. Some of the most reputable steam engines found in the Great Britain can be seen at the Stephenson railway Museum. You can find the full list of Museums found in Newcastle on the Tyne & Wear website.

Castle Keep

This was once one of the most powerful castles in Newcastle that was built in 1168. Castle Keep is a historic landmark that is located at the city center and offers its visitors a great chance to experience the 12th century. The castle is renowned for haunting, having been involved in times of bloodshed. Be sure to come across some spooky encounters while on the castle.

Life Science Center

This is an exhibition that shows all about the human life and is located in the city center. The Life Science Center helps its visitors to discover the human origins as well as the human race’s future. The simulated Arctic environment explains how the Eskimos have adapted the cold conditions. The center also gives you a taste of the deserts soaring temperatures.(Image by iknow-uk)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Life Science Center Popular Attractions in Newcastle, UK

Seven Stories

The Seven Stories is a unique books exhibition that showcases children novels that were most recognizable. It has some of the greatest children’s books that have ever been written in Britain. Basically, the exhibition is meant to protect the Britain’s children literary heritage. It is located about a mile from the city center.

These are some of the most popular attractions in Newcastle. Other includes the Baltic, the Hyena Comedy club as well as Eldon Square. Newcastle offers many more exciting places that you can never manage to visit all of them.


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