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Tree houses have long been structures that have fascinated children of all ages. They represent an escape from their daily lives in addition to creating a space that is private and all their own. Tree houses are where clubs are formed, stories are told and imagination comes to life. Children have spent innumerable hours gathering wood and materials in order to climb into the trees and construct their own little world. Parents also have been able to have quality time with their kids while constructing the playhouses in the strong, healthy trees that hold them. Those tree houses can provide endless entertainment for years to come. Additionally, parents could relive a small part of their childhood and pass on some carpentry skills that can pay off many years later.

It’s true that not every child was lucky enough to have a treasured tree house adorning the canopy in their own backyards, but luckily there are amusement parks and destinations that can fulfill that dream. All around the world, there are places that are home to some of the most fantastic and imaginative trees houses in existence. These tree houses nurture fantasies and create wonderful memories when people have the opportunity to explore such elevated fantasy lands.

My Big Backyard

My Big Backyard

This super-sized play land offers all of the best things about childhood in gigantic proportions. Located in the Memphis Botanic Gardens in Tennessee, this destination offers the chance to explore a tree house that is suitable for for adults and children of all sizes. It features two distinct structures that are connected by a stable, suspended bridge. Fun can easily be found in both rooms for people with a big imagination to match this bigger-than-life playground. The tree house is placed in beautiful botanical surroundings, allowing the fantasies you can play out to truly come to life in a colorful way. One side of the tree house even features a covered slide for a fast and fun trip to the ground once the adventure is coming to an end.

Hong Kong Disneyland

This beloved destination for escaping into imagination offers a tree house that is taken from the pages of a literary classic. The tree house based on the adventures of Tarzan is set in a rich cove where visitors move from clear blue waters to an adventure that takes places on multiple levels throughout the gigantic tree house construction. Tarzan’s Island and Treehouse is perfectly derived from the novel, as well as subsequent comics, stage plays and films, allowing all the adventures from this classic tale of fun and heroism to play out in real life. It features hanging boats, lookouts on every level, and a natural tree for its support that exceeds the expectations of both children and adults alike. Certain parts of the tree house are also constructed using parts of a ship, so you can stand tall and become the captain of your own adventure.



A destination in the UK that is heaven for tree house lovers, this park has an entire area dedicated to tree houses of all shapes and sizes. One such fantastic creation is located deep in Boggle country. Here, visitors can explore the homes and artifacts that have been put in place by Twiggles and Crocklebogs. The spot offers guaranteed fun and features award-winning construction in terms of tree houses of unique character. There are a number of features that keep visitors returning again and again, such as zip lines, boat trips to various tree houses, bridges that move through the jungle canopy, as well as delicious food and exciting games at every turn.

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