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Some people automatically cringe when they learn that 84 percent of people say they can’t go a single day without using their smartphones. Many of those smartphone owners rely on their mobile devices so much that they use them during vacation, even when they head into the woods to escape modern life for a few days.

While this may sound like an unnatural dependency on mobile technology, people have several good reasons for traveling with their devices. About 67 percent of them use smartphones to get directions, and about 51 percent use them to take vacation photos.

The diverse selection of mobile apps makes devices like T-Mobile’s Apple iPad Mini 3 into important tools that can replace bulky maps and reference guides. Instead of hauling an animal track guide into the woods, you can use an app like Green Mountain Digital’s Audubon Mammals. It will help you identify nearly 600 animal tracks so you can stay safe and learn more about the wildlife near you. You can also replace your plant identification field guide with the Leafsnap app. That way, you don’t accidentally wander through poisonous leaves.

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Bringing a sophisticated mobile device on a camping trip may seem counterintuitive at first, especially if you want to avoid work emails and media. Considering how useful smartphones and other mobile devices are, though, taking them on vacation makes perfect sense. Having the right apps at hand may even help you relax during your camping trip.

Tablets and smartphones offer a wealth of benefits during vacation as well as daily life. At the very least, bringing your tablet with you should make packing easier and lighten your load. Read on to learn more about how your mobile device can help you have a fun, safe experience while enjoying nature during your next trip to the great outdoors.

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