Spain and Fame


Spain gains its fame through a number of delightful events. Spain is known globally for its sporting prowess in sports like football, basketball, and many more that the country on the map is a spectator’s environment. The beautiful beaches of Spain like the one’s fronting the Mediterranean are foreigners’ dream to visit and feel the gorgeous sands along beach. The festival that is synonymous with Spain is also known and admired by many countries. The country has so much to offer in any kind of environment that one feels to belong. Flying to Spain is best done using jet charter, and the European Jet Services (EJS) offers a trip in and around Spain. It can accommodate a personal charter of about 5 to 8 people; or a business trip of around 6 people; or for a larger contingent of up to 50 people the EJS charter will handle one’s need in travelling with style.


Madrid is the capital of Spain, and also an important tourist destination for its own distinctive environment. Madrid holds a number of key stadiums denoting as world class clubs like Santiago Bernabeu home to world famous Real Madrid football club. Then there is the Palacio de Deportes dela Comunidad de Madrid home to real Madrid basketball team, and the site for the upcoming 2014 FIBA world championship. Also note visiting is the Royal Palace; one of the home the Spanish Royal Family. Visitors and tourists can explore the vastness of the palace and enter into its fully furnished rooms, a magnificent courtyard, and royal armory. The royal armory displays a collection for Charles V and Philip II with complete armor set and much more. The city is filled with many exciting and interesting attraction that awaits one upon visiting Spain.


Barcelona is also a popular tourist destination among travelers. Barcelona offers a diverse atmosphere of mixing the past and modern culture.  The Gothic Quarter is part of the old neighborhood of the city dating back to Roman occupation and medieval times. Scene in the area is a time travel going to the heyday of Gothic architecture. Other great attractions found in Barcelona are the world heritage sites like the famous design by Antoni Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia church an architectural style using gothic and art noveau combined. The Casa Mile and other casas showcase the Catalan architectural style using Catenary arch, Catalan vault, and timbrel technique. The attractions in Barcelona are appealing to anyone and for that they are being recognized and appreciated.

Beach Front

The resorts and beaches of Spain are one of the best in the world. The beach front along the Mediterranean coast is so adorable that tourists on a cruise trip love to see. The coast stretches from around 7 cities. The Costa del Sol is a coast line community situated in Malaga Spain. The area is famous globally with its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and the picturesque landscape around the area. The Mar Manor a salty lagoon has high salinity that gives flotation to swimmers and thus linking the lagoon into a large pool. The Mar Manor lagoon has great sports infrastructure along with its elegant coastline making it perfect for fun activities like boating, jet skiing, surfing, and many more. The beaches of Spain are an ideal place to visit during the heat of summer season.


Spain has numerous festivals that captivate the world. These festivities include the running with the bulls; a practice that was turned into a competition where men and even women try to outrun the rampaging bulls into the street section. Several countries practice this tradition, but they are not as popular as those in Pamplona Spain.  Another festival is the La Tomatina, an event purely for fun and craziness as one partakes in an all out food fight using only tomatoes. The La Tomatina is held in Valencia Spain. Another event is the annual event of human pyramid held in Algemesi Spain; it is constructing a pyramid using human beings as material.

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