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Spend Wisely – 6 Tips to Reduce Costs of Traveling


It’s the dream of almost all travelers to cut the costs while traveling as best as they can, however very few people live to actually see this dream come true, most travelers will even finish almost all their money before they even exhaust their list of travel destinations, this might be very frustrating especially if you have your family with you onboard. Here are some traveling tips to help you spend wisely and to help reduce the cost of traveling.


Before you even actually get to your destination, you might have spend three quarters of your money on transport, especially air ticket, knowing this you have to be more extra careful. Get online and browse day and night, read more and look for cheaper flights, it’s wise to know that travel related articles talk of large carriers but on the actual ground there are other smaller carrier lines which might not be listed. Go to the particular airport you will be getting to and get to their website, check the little carriers available and book the very flight that will convenient with you in terms of affordability, you might see yourself saving up to $400 dollars in one day.

Rental cars

When looking for a taxi orĀ  a car especially immediately after arrival, do not go for the cars that are near the airport, chances are they will charge you more as most airports charge the companies some god amount of money and the money is passed on to you indirectly. Book another local taxi nearby instead as it’s much cheaper. Consult your hotel prior the trip, most hotels companies offer some free services which are meant to make you comfortable with them, these may include a free shuttle that picks visitors from the airport, go for such companies as you will save a buck, when you get to the local town, you can further requests the driver of the shuttle to recommend you some nice car hire renting companies that are reliable and affordable, that way you will save a lot especially if you are traveling as a large group of tourists.(image by jpundt79).

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Hotels and lodges

When booking and making reservations, you might lose some lots of cash or make some good savings, do your homework well, check out cheap but good hotels that you will stay over during the visit. When you report, inquire and seek more information about their rooms and the rates, you may discover that the hotel has other cheaper and better rooms that go at a much lower rate. Also know who you are traveling with, for instance it makes no sense to book two rooms when traveling with your wife, if you are traveling with kids, go for kids oriented resorts as kids charges are much lower compared to adults, that way you will be cutting travel costs.

Dining tips

What you eat directly hits at your pocket, consider getting into money saving activities, for example you can buy prepared foods, snacks and drinks from the supermarkets instead of buying from the expensive vending machines. Prepare some quick appetizing breakfast in your rooms and save the coin you would pay at the hotel. If your room has a microwave and refrigerators then you are good to go. You can keep some prepared meals in the refrigerator and warm them when you want, you can also use your cooler box to preserve some food. Buy a traveler blender and be preparing juices as you travel. This will see that you don’t buy food stuffs on the road as you will be on a full stomach.

Practice these tips more regularly to see better results, every day you wake up, remember you have got to make some savings, let it stick to you and make it part of you. Planning well for the trip will also help to reduce costs during travel.


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