Statue of Zeus Olympia


 The statue of Zeus at Olympia is also considered as a one of the seven wonders in the world. In the ancient times , the Greeks peoples celebrates their very important festivals which they dedicate this to their king of their gods “ZEUS”. Same as our modern Olympics, athletes travelled from distance of some places.


Temple of Zeus:

The temple of Zeus at Olympia was built near 470 BC and completely finished in 456 BC and it was built for the memorable for defeat of pistons in 470 BC. It was designed by Lisbon of elis. Later it is mounted by the statue of Zeus, which was added to the temple at 435 BC. The temple was destroyed due to high earth quake in the fifth century.  The temple was built using limestone which is covered with stucco, built in a rectangular platform of approximately 210 ft and 92 ft . This awesome work of art was designed and carved out by the famous sculptor Phidias.


The statue was 40 feet high and the Zeus looks like sitting on his throne. The ornaments wearing by Zeus was made full of gold and his skin was made by ivory. He also has wreath which surrounded on his head. He has rod a in his left in which the rod contains an eagle image.

Unfortunately the statue was no longer exist. It was not there. Which was after the Olympic games was banned in 399 BC by the emperor Theodosius and the temple of zeus was forced to closed. It was further destroyed by earthquakes, landslides and floods and also later the temple was damaged by the fire.

Then earlier the statue has been transported by rich Greeks to a palace which is located in Constantinople. There it kept safe later it was destroyed by a sever fire in 462 BC. Although now there nothing remains in the old temple except rocks and dusts.

Now if you want to see this wonder you have to visit the Olympia.



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