Survival Tips for Moving to London


Moving to London is exciting but extremely daunting at the same time. London can eat you alive if you let it. If you’re moving to the massive capital of Britain, the more you know about the city the better it will be.  Here are some survival tips that will ensure you’re able to enjoy your new home and thrive in your new environment.

Embrace the New, Let Go of the Old

If you cling on to where you came from you’ll find it much harder to settle into your new surroundings. Things are going to be much different and you’ll need to be open to change. If you’re hanging on to how things work in your home time you’ll never be able to openly welcome in your new life.

This is important to remember when meeting new people too. They will be interested in learning about where you’re from for about five minutes, unless they’re planning a holiday there or they come from the same place. Don’t expect everyone to want to know what it’s like in your home town, you’ll bore them. Mentioning your home town occasionally is perfectly fine, just don’t go on and on about it.

Not Many People Smile in the Streets

The people who smile in London are usually tourists or people trying to sell you things. If you come from a town where people smile and nod hello to one another while walking down the street you’re going to notice the difference in the city. In London people don’t smile that much, it’s sad but true. That doesn’t mean everyone is miserable, it usually just means they’re busy and focused on what they need to do.

While smiles on the street and in the stores may be limited that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make friends. You just need to crack the surface to get to the person below. You’ll need to prove you’re not insane but once you get past that you’ll be able to have some small talk and start making friends.

Pick the Right Place to Live

Don’t rent a flat without seeing it first or researching the area. London has a very hectic rental market and it moves quickly, but that doesn’t mean you have to snap up the first thing you find that’s within your budget. Go and look around, check the taps and flush the loo and always ask about the bills.

Once you know the property is decent check the transport links. You need to be close to the tube station so you can get around without a car. Driving in London really is a nightmare and using public transport is a much more sensible option. Sell your car and get a bike instead, look for van hire offers to move your stuff and get used to the underground.

Get to Know the Locals

Stop hanging out only with people who have also moved to the area. Look for some locals and try and get involved in their circle. You may find the people of London are reserved but they can be very warm and inviting and you’ll find some amazing friends. Try new things, go to new pubs and let go of what you’re used to.

About the author

The author is a freelance blogger who lives and loves in London. She moved to the city five years ago and now she uses her articles to provide advice and tips for others who come to the UK to live. She has written thousands of blog posts and her work is found on numerous blogs and websites.

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