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The 3 Best Family Cruises


Taking a family vacation maybe what your family needs to relax and spend some quality time together. For a change you can choose to take a family cruise. Family cruises have become the top ten family holiday ideas. Taking a cruise is not that expensive as most liners will always give discounts to its customers. When choosing the cruise to take you should consider the age of the children you are taking along. Some cruises are best suited for teenagers while others cater even for the young kids below the age of nine. Some of the famous cruises include:-

1. Mexican cruise on the Disney wonder.Mexican cruise on the Disney wonder

Disney is not only famous for movies but also has a right kid pleasant vacation cruise. It is a relaxing cruise and caters for the whole family. The ship has a whole deck which I dedicated to kids activities. The ship also offers Mexican cooking classes for your children and if you are worried about where to leave your child, there is a kindergarten that caters for infants and newborns. The cruise is not just for the children but also have separate ports for the parents’ activities. The ship also has areas, night clubs and other entertainment areas for the adults. This cruise head off from Los Angeles to Mexico.

2. Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian pearl.

The cruise takes you around Alaska. You will be able to experience the chillier territory and watch the stunning asylums and glaciers. The ship has full bowling alley, sixteen dining alternatives including the 24 hr blue lagoon. You will find indoor and also outdoor play areas to choose from.

The ship also has entertainment area like bars, Japanese and Brazilian steakhouse and also has comedy shows at the stardust theatre. If you have children you don’t have to worry about where you leave them as there are┬ádesignated places for them. They can play, draw and sleep in these places.

Western Caribbean cruise

3. Western Caribbean cruise on allure of the seas.

It is one of the largest and newest royal Caribbean’s ships. It is considered the best kids cruise in the world but also caters for the adults. This cruise normally makes stops at Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico for you to have a view at some of the most stunning Caribbean spots.

The kids are able to engage in activities like extensive water parks, young kid’s golf course, and surfing for the young ones basketball games among others. There are other 10 designated kid’s areas so they are guaranteed full entertainment.
The adults can have relaxing time at the beauty salons or spas. You can also try your luck in gambling at one of the many casinos in the ship. You will also find bars where you can drink some fine wine as the kids have fun. At one of the stops you will be able to take walks as a family or go for shopping. The ship takes off at Lauderdale.

Family cruises are a great way to take off pressure from our normal day to day lives and spend quality time together as a family. Try one of these cruises and you won’t be disappointed.

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