The 4 Best Ways to Move around East Europe


If you are planning to get to East Europe, there are a good number of options that await you, options that are beyond the infamous traditional rail pass. Here are some of the best ways to move around East Europe, they include budget minded tips besides having where to book the trains, boats or buses.


When it comes to country or city hopping, Europe has some of the best cost friendly flights that will get you land and take off in style. All you need is to book ahead or time to hit a sale, full price tickets are not also way that expensive, you will be amazed to find that budget line tickets are almost equivalent to tickets of the slow long distance train. Taking a plane will see you save valuable time which is of great importance to a traveler, here are some of Europe’s best affordable airlines, Easyjet,  this plane will get you from Lisbon to London in two and a half hours and will only charge you about â‚Â100.00. Vueling airlines flies mostly to Mediterranean destinations like Paris , they are also quite affordable and have some of the best in-flight services. Ryan Air carries the flag of the day, they have the cheapest tickets though their terminals are quite far and this can make flying some sort of a hassle.

Board a bus

There are some good buses that service and connect most Europe great cities though they might seem lesser in terms of luxuries compared t train or bus travel. Buses are not only budget friendly but they are also very comfortable. Most of them feature luxurious and extra large cushy seats and make some frequent stops to ensure you don’t get tired. Most companies will always pull over and let you have lunch or dinner especially if you are bound on a long trip. Eurolines is one of the best bus company that you may consider, buses are however slow. You will however enjoy sightseeing and getting to different towns, this can be very exciting especially for first timers.

Rent your own

Renting your own car is one of the most adventurous way of getting to other parts of East Europe, however you may be forced to look for an international driver license, however it’s not that hard and you can get it in your mother country before departing. You also need to be at least 25 years old and have a genuine credit card. Most car renting companies will only allow you to be in one country however you can go for international renting companies which will allow you to crisscross countries with their cars though at a higher rate. Avis and Europcar are some of the best international companies that you may opt to consider.(image by Stena Line).

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You can travel to East Europe around the Mediterranean Sea by boat. You can get from Barcelona to Ibiza or Mallorca in about nine hours of boat ride, Barcos balearia boat will get you in time. Boats are slower but are generally inexpensive; you will also get some awesome opportunities to sight see great places along the way.

There a good number of options that will get you travel to the East Europe countries, time, cost and convenience is what will help you best choose your mode of transport. You might also consider using the train service which is also quite reliable and convenient.


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