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The 5 Coolest Attractions for Kids in India


India is one great place to take your kids for a vacation, there are a good number of kids oriented places that your kids will just enjoy, the best places to take the kids should be preferably some place they can play some games and learn about the Indian culture, they will also love to wander about in the fascinating attractions.New Delhi, India, is home to variety of traditional, contemporary and traditional attractions which best show case the country colorful heritage. Here are some 5 coolest attractions for kids India.

(PuranaQuila)Old fort

Don’t get to Red Fort which is popular, take your kid’s to the Old fort, it’s interesting. Old Fort is located between Humayun’s tomb and India’s gate, however you will incur some small charges locals are charged INR 5 while foreigners pay INR 100. The nearest station to get to is the Pragatimaidan. The fort has rich history; it has a two kilometer wall that encompasses it which was built in an effort to protect the city. There is also a moat which makes it look like a royal castle. Evenings are the most exciting; they feature high tech sounds and colorful lights which make the premises a vibrant environment.

National science center

The national science center is located in PragatiMaidan, near gate 1 along Bhairon road. Kids under the age of five are not charged, however adults have to pay INR20. National science center is a prominent education center for kids; it features seven galleries that are spread in eight levels. Each gallery has something for them to learn, they also teach the kids about the glorious history and rich culture of India. The major subject areas are human biology, water, fun science, pre-historic information revolutions and emerging technologies. Kids will love this place and will come out feeling like small teachers as they will have a lot to educate their friends.

National rail museum

The national rail museum is located in Chanakyapuri in New Delhi. The park is free for all however it remains closed on Mondays. Perfect for kids, the rail museum teaches them about India’s rail heritage. Its stands in over ten acres and has more than hundred items, both outdoor and indoor on display. These are items like historical photographs, antiquefurniture and signaling instruments.(image by east med wanderer).

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Dili Haat

Dili Haat is a perfect place to take your kids, however they are two in India, one is on Sri Aurobindo Marg right opposite INA market while the otherone is located at Pitampura, NetajiSubash place that’s opposite to the metro Station. Adults are charged 20 rupees while kids pay 10 rupees. What make it ideal for kids is the beautiful markets with a vibrant environment that your kids will love, there are stalls for everything, handicrafts, cuisines as well as cultural folk dance performances which your kids will definitely like.

Children Park at India-gate

The park is free to enter, its located at Rapith near Connaught in New Delhi. It has for years been one of |Delhi’s landmarks. Its spread over a ten acres piece of land and contains play equipments, wonderful variety of kid games, a theater, amphitheatre and a musical fountain.

The next time you get to India with your kids, you don’t have to worry, get them to these lovely places that will best entertain them, they will definitely fall in love with India.

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