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The 6 Most Dangerous Attractions in the World


Not all tourist attractions are ideal for everybody, some of these world famous tourist attractions are actually death beds but what makes people still get to these places is the adrenaline feeling that they get when they visit or conquer the attractions. Most of the tourists appreciate that there is a narrow line between life and death but their obsessions and craves is what drives them to get to these dangerous attractions. Here are some of the world’s most deadliest and dangerous attractions that you may want to consider or avoid.

Mount Cook, New Zealand.

If mountain climbing is your game, try out one of the most dangerous mountain in the world, Mount Cook. Located in Mount Cook National Park, the mountain really looks like a very idyllic place to climb but it’s actually a death bed. The mountain is prone to avalanches and its conditions actually hinder rescuers from reaching you when you are in dire need. These mountains have claimed the lives of many professional and would be professional climbers.

Vanuatu Island

Despite being one of the most inviting destinations along the Pacific beaches, the Island is the deadliest in the world. It’s prone to earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones owing to the active volcanoes that surround it.


Tobbagan is located on the outer Cerro Negro Volcano that’s located in Nicaragua. The volcano last erupted in 1999 but it’s an active volcano. Tour guides swear they have the ability to know when the mountain is about to erupt, at this volcano site, even travelling at 68 km per hour is not adequate; you will still have to deal with gravel burns.(image by congochris).

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Mt Huashan China

This is believed to be number one most dangerous attraction site in the world. Hiking is the activity of the day. Here every stride is watching your step, you will have to walk on a 12 inch wooden wide planks that are just tied on the face of the cliffs and they have no rails! The only thing that can save you is a safety harness and this is still optional as it’s sold! Mt. Huashan is not your father’s TV episode; you really have to be on the lookout.

Mont Blanc, French Italian Border

Located in the French Italian border is a dangerous mountain, Mont Blanc. The mountain stands at 4,877 meters above the sea level but what makes it very dangerous is the gusts of wind which blow up to speeds of 95 km/hr. if the extreme mountain temperatures don’t get your life, the winds vow they will. Climbing Mont Blanc has been perceived as daring to climb death itself.

Swim in Australia with jelly fish

The greatest predator of Australia water is not the huge sharks, whales or teeth filled crocodiles; it’s the simple box jelly fish. Try swimming on the Northern Australia Coastline near the rivers mouth and get face to face with what has killed most people in Australia.

When you hear about getting to a great tourist attraction, be keen and ask if it’s among the world most dangerous attraction, otherwise it might be your last journey on earth.


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