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The 7 Funnest Outdoorsy Things to Do in Jackson Hole


If you’re a fan of the outdoors then there are fewer better places to visit than Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A picturesque area wth breathtaking scenery, and a dizzying array of outdoor activities. If you’re thinking about looking through some Jackson Hole vacation rentals, as you do please consider some of these wonderful things you could do while there.

1)Hike In Grand Teton National Park

The rugged terrain and amazing landscape make Grand Teton National Park one of the best hiking spots in America. With trails that cover the entire park, you are almost guaranteed to see some amazing wildlife. There are trails for hikers for any level experience and plenty of local stores that are capable of outfitting with whatever gear you might need.

2)Do Some Fly Fishing or Kayaking Down

The Snake River The Snake River runs the entire length of Jackson Hole and offers its own special brand of fun. If you’re a fly fisherman then you will feel right at hoping fishing for Cutthroat trout. If fishing isn’t your cup of tea you can always go kayaking down the Snake River instead. You could get a chance to see some beavers building a dam, or catch an otter taking a nap.

3)Do Some Rock Climbing In Grand Teton National Park

If rock climbing is your thing then Jackson Hole can accommodate your needs. Once again I direct you to the amazing Grand Teton Park. The great thing about rock climbing here is there are climbs for all skill levels. If this is your first go at rock climbing it might be wise to consider joining one of the local groups to help you get acquainted with the basics.

If you are a more experienced climber then there are plenty of places to climb solo and at your own pace. Also, of course, the local shops can accommodate whatever equipment needs you might have.

4)Do Some Bird Watching

If climbing a mountain is a bit too much for you, but you prefer birds to fish then bird watching is perfect for you. Jackson Hole is home to a number of amazing bird species including but not limited to bald eagles, raptors, osprey, and hummingbirds.

You can also download this brochure here from the National Park Service that lists some of the best bird watching spots in Grand Teton.

5)Hit The Bike Trails and Do Some Mountian Biking

It might not seem like at it first, but you will be surprised to discover that Jackson Hole is a perfect getaway for the avid mountain biker. It has over 56 miles of paved pathways that link the town with Grand Teton, and other areas. Not to mention the over 115 miles of mountain biking trails in the area open for all to use. If you don;t happen to have a mountain bike then you can rent one quite cheaply, and be on the trails in no time.

6) Go on a Horseback Riding Trip

When you think about the old west what is the one thing that instantly comes to mind? Horseback riding, of course, is the answer, and there are a number of horseback riding trails in the area. If you’re like most people though you won;t be bringing a horse with you when you visit Jackson Hole. There are horses to rent of course, but an activity like this might be better done in a group. Some things are just naturally more fun with a group, and depending on your level of experience might just be all around safer too.

7) Some Good Old Fashioned Hunting

When it comes to outdoor activities there is none more iconic, or popular than hunting. It’s an integral part of American culture, and Jackson Hole has a lot to offer an avid hunter. With everything from elk, deer, bighorn sheep, to antelope, there is enough variety of game here to satisfy any hunter. If you’d like to really maximize your chances of bagging something I would recommend you considering hiring a hunting guide.

A guide will always know the best places to hunt and would allow you to just focus on the hunting. As you might expect there are plenty of places locally to get any kind of equipment you might need.

In conclusion, I think it’s important to say that the above activities only represent a small fraction of the many great outdoorsy things to do in Jacksons Hole. If you really want to find out what’s the best fit for you then I encourage to try a bit of everything. You might end up discovering an interest in stuff you never thought about before!

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