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The Best 5 island in the world to book a honeymoon


‘Island’ is that word that evokes images of sun, sand and the serene sea and is undoubtedly a popular honeymoon destination! Since eons, the most prominent ones have unquestionably been Hawaii, Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius. However, the lesser known ones have in recent times been combed by tourists and honeymooners alike and amazingly, these have actually stuck to what an island means and what it promises!

Below is a list of 5 best islands that are exotic locales for honeymoons!

1. Santorini, GreeceSantorini, Greece
A quiet paradise where time stops still, that’s Santorini for you! Replete with silver sands, sylvan environs, salubrious climes, Santorini is the ultimate destination for your honeymoon experience!
The picture perfect island spells of all things mirthful and joyful. Its’ pretty whitewashed hamlets with the azure of the heavens above, are sure to capture your lens, to be cherished in your hearts forever.
Whether it’s to idle away on the tranquil beaches sipping wine or discover the depths of the waters or reach for the peaks, Santorini satiates your hunger only to whet your appetite for more! If you’ve had your fill on the beaches, you could together reach for the skies on the cliffs of Oia. Precariously perched atop a crag, Oia offers a bird’s eye view of the plains. The homes here are carved out of rocks, thus giving a cave-like appearance. Ambling along the cobbled pathways leading to these homes is sure to transport you to another era!

2. Sardinia, Italy
Italy’s secSardinia, Italyond largest island Sardinia is a place where the sea, the woods and the hills vie for attention! Its romantic coves by the blue sea are ideal to steal glances at! It’s not the silver or the golden sands that beckon you, but the¬†pinkness of the sand that looks bewitching!

A visit to Cagliari is a must for birdwatchers who’d love to watch flamingoes here. An amphitheater that dates back to the 2nd century that’s cleaved in a rock is worth a visit.
You’d also enjoy Isola Rossa, an old fishing village that has a touristy look to it. History lovers would also love the ruins of Bithia. ¬†What more, you can honeymoon during summer and winter as Sardinia’s hills are clad with fluffy snow! Perhaps you could extend your honeymoon to enjoy the change in seasons or perhaps revisit for a second honeymoon!

3. Bali, Indonesia -The Island of Gods
The name, ‘Island of Gods’ does befit Bali, for this is one place blessed with nature’s bounties. From undulating mountains, lush vegetation, vast coastline and God-fearing, spiritual people, this island is a perfect setting for honeymooning couples, waiting to explore innocence! Bali’s temples with their spectacular towers jutting out elegantly on the island are so spellbinding that you’ll be suffused with an inner peace that comes out of an unknown mirth. Of these, the Mother Temple is the largest and oldest and Tanah Lot is a temple where you can wade through the waters in low-
tide, hand-in-hand to discover the Almighty.

Elephant treks, white-water rafting are some activities that would ke

4. Andaman Islands, India
ep you engaged together!

For miles and miles at a stretch, there’s only the sea and the sand and you’d be all alone with your partner! What better way to unravel the mysteries of life and its beauty?
Sparsely populated, Andaman’s crystal-clear waters, fringed by swaying coconut palms, is a perfect setting for those in love. Whether it is to steal a peck, whisper sweet nothings, or lose yourself and your inhibitions, Andaman Islands are a wonderful honeymoon locale. The Corbyn’s Beach and Havelock Island are places to explore here.

5. Oaxaca, Mexico
It may be quite unheard of even to a seasoned traveler, but Oaxaca is an amazing island city in Mexico! Although surrounded by land on one side and sea on the other sides, Oaxaca is nothing but a bohemian locale where you can put your feet up, let your down and throw cautions to the wind!
Cruising along the waters watching the sun set, can be truly exhilarating. Relaxing inside Palapas (huts with thatched roofs), enjoying the balmy weather is the commonest thing to do here. Rise above Mount Alban to have a surging gaze of the plains below. Shed your inhibitions under the waterfall at Hierve El Agua. Emerge peaceful, gratified and radiant to start a life embalmed in assured togetherness!

Honeymooning in islands is a supreme desire of many, but these exotic islands are truly a honeymooner’s haven, guaranteeing unbridled freedom and ecstatic euphoria!

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