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The summer might be over, but for a true bike riding enthusiast that doesn‘t matter – especially in a state like Texas, where the weather’s great for biking almost year-round.

And it‘s not only the weather that‘s great – some of the best bicycle tracks are located in Texas, with beautiful landscapes and all kinds of challenging tracks, any cycler will find a track they‘ll love. With various canyons, ranches and trails available throughout the state, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of the most coveted bicycle tracks in Texas:

Palo Duro Canyon

One of the most famous bike trails in Texas is the Palo Duro Canyon – with trails varying in terrain, technical difficulty and landscape, anyone can find a track that’s perfect for them.

This maze of various trails can help you have an intimate biking experience while you enjoy exploring nature and conquering the challenging roads.

There are plenty of access points to the canyon and RV and tent park, and of course amazing sights – the sunset over the canyon walls makes the trip worth your while on its own.

Tapatio Springs

If you want a track that can really provide a serious challenge, Tapatio Springs is the place to go – with various hills and a rough terrain throughout, Tapatio Springs is a great test of your fitness and toughness.

Located near San Antonio, this track will not only demand a lot in terms of endurance, but will also give you a chance to test your bicycle riding skills – you’ll have your hands full riding through the rocky terrain up and down the hills.

Driving through a rocky ledge, with various drops, roots and other challenging terrain, these seven miles will get you a lot of great tests of your will and ability.

Furneaux Creek Blue Trail

If you want a more peaceful and relaxing ride, the Furneaux Creek Blue Trail is perhaps the best choice. It’s not too long, being 3 miles long, and is mostly concrete terrain, so it will not be too challenging, even for beginner cyclists.

The picturesque views of wildflowers, lakes, ponds and many other beautiful sights make this track perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing bike ride.

If you have kids, be sure to bring them along – the trail is near a playground which your kids will surely enjoy. You can even fish in the nearby pond, so this trail can be perfect not only for biking, but for general all-around relaxation.

Texas is perfect for those bike riding lovers who enjoy a wilder terrain – with its dry deserts and canyons forming a unique landscape, it’s one of the best places in the world if you want to go mountain bike riding.

But you can find all kinds of tracks that suit your needs; Texas is a huge state and anyone can find something that’s right for them – whether you want to relax with your family, or have an intense biking experience – choose one of the best bicycle tracks in Texas and you’ll surely have a great time.

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