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The Most Affordable Ways to Travel from East Europe to West


The distance between East to west Europe is quite significant and requires one to really think and come up with a working strategy of how to cover the miles. You also require few sacrifices, especially of comfort, detailed attention and careful planning if you intend the trip to be cheap and affordable.

Here are some most affordable ways you can employ to travel from East to West Europe.


Most people always tend to perceive that air travel is quite expensive and left for the rich but in actual sense this is not the case. Airfare hikes depending on the season and the booking time, plan well, book early like five to six months prior travel and time the season to coincide with the low season. Also some carriers are cheaper as compared to others, since we are after affordability book with the cheapest carriers. Keep visiting the carriers web pages there might be offers on the run, don’t let them get away, apply them and you might be lucky to get a fully paid ticket to West Europe.(image by emdjt42).

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Train traveling is quiet commendable as it’s safer, convenient and most reliable. There are trains that commute from the East to West Europe; you can book your ticket and saving a buck. Train booking charges are similar with those of airfare in that the earlier you book the cheaper it will cost you. Besides you will also enjoy sightseeing and capturing picturesque sights with your naked eyes. Change your plans to travelling at night, that way you will save accommodation costs as you can sleep in the train cabins. Trains are quite spacious and can be quite convenient especially when travelling with kids.


Buses are relatively faster and also safer means of commuting between East and West Europe. Most buses feature on board entertainment and hotels services to ensure you have a nice journey. If you are considering remaining cheap you can also travel at night to cut off accommodations costs. Some companies are also cheaper than others, go for the most affordable bus and save a buck compared to air travel. You will definitely enjoy sightseeing great places along the way.


Though dangerous, hitch hiking can be a very cheap and affordable way to get from East to West Europe. It’s however not recommended for traveler’s especially first timers. If you opt to hitchhike ensure that you keep an eye on your personal property, don’t get into too much of the person, he/she is still a stranger and may mean no good. If you have to hitchhike, keep informing your friends of things like the vehicles model and other details, this is just for your safety. Hitchhiking is quite affordable as you will not have to spend lots of money on fare, just food and accommodation. You can even tip the drivers after they get you to your desired destination safely; after all you have saved a fortune.

You will have to look for great travel deals both on fare and hotel for you to remain on your budget limit and also to give you a larger allowance in terms of sightseeing, shopping and dining after arriving in your desired Western destination.


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