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The safest 5 countries to travel with kids


Insecurity and fear are unheard of in some countries and serious crimes rarely feature in any breaking news in these countries. Hence, you should consider the following five countries as your preferred destination if you want to travel with your family but are worried about your safety since their crime rates are the lowest in the world.

1. Singapore – This country, which is very tiny, is not only one of the safest in the world but it is also the safest destination in Asia when considering the homicide rate for every 100,000 inhabitants. It boasts of one of the lowest rates of 0.38. According to the most recent data, there have been only 52 and 58 intentional homicides for every 100, 000 people annually in Venezuela and Honduras.

Singapore is a fascinating place for you to visit even though some people consider it too sterile. The different races that live there do not antagonize each other and consequently, there is no evidence of social tension since it offers a combination of Western, Chinese, Arabic, Indian, and Malay cultures. Theft and crime are almost unheard of because offenders attract huge penalties such as the death penalty for trafficking drugs.

2. Norway – Crimes such as petty thefts and pick pocketing are rare in this country and it has a homicide rate of 0.71 for every 100,000 people. This beautiful country does not have any political or social unrest or natural disasters. Hence, it is the perfect destination for you to visit when you are considering taking your family with you because it ranks among the safest countries in Europe.

3. Switzerland – When it comes to the ranking of the safety of all the countries across the world, this country has always been among the top for many years. The Mercer research and advisory firm ranks its three cities namely Zurich, Geneva, and Brno among the safest globally. Switzerland, which is famous for its chic resorts, great winter sports activities and snow-coated Alps, offers a combination of different cultures because its people have different traditional customs and they speak four languages. The Swiss value their national belonging and more importantly, they are law-abiding citizens even though they belong to different ethnicities. Switzerland does

not keep gun crime statistics because they are too low with its homicide rate of 2.2 for every 100,000 people annually being the lowest globally.

4. Iceland -This Country is also safe for you. It has only 700 police officers who do not even carry guns. When it comes to crime prevention, they do not have anything to do and for this reason, some of them occupy themselves by doing other jobs. Iceland has the lowest crime rate globally and in effect, it has approximately 130 prisoners. Apparently, it has a murder rate of 0.0, which makes it the only country in the world where homicide is not responsible for causing death.

5. Japan – This country has 0.44 intentional homicides for every 100, 000 people annually and in effect, it ranks as one of the safest countries in Asia. The aforementioned countries are some of the best destinations if you are planning to travel with your kids. However, you need to carry out extensive research in order to know more about what they offer.ost of its public places and hotels offer many facilities. Hence, it is a great place to travel with kids.

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