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The Snowy Season- An Opportunity to go on a Thrilling and Exciting Family Ride


The winter months shouldn’t be looked as harsh, cold and dreary. It’s far better to see winter as an opportunity to revive yourself from the year’s labor. It brings a chance to plan a family holiday to an exciting location. As the colder temperatures bring along chances to snuggle up or enjoy a heartwarming cuisine  it also offers an opportunity to have fun and enjoy thrilling outdoor activities.

Ski Lessons 

When it comes to snow covered hills, skiing  can’t help but be mentioned. If you  love adventure, winter holidays are the perfect time to indulge. Start with some skiing lessons, all you need is to choose a package designed to offer knowledge about the various concepts and techniques of skiing such as turning, stopping, and how to control your speed. Make sure to consider your schedule and take some time to practice. In addition, be sure to choose something compatible with your ability and skills (image by Big Bear Mountain Resorts).

Ski Lessons

Snowmobile Rides 

When it comes to adventures in the snow, a snowmobile ride will never disappoint. If you’re looking for a uniqueand excitingexperience, then you must take a day to enjoy mountain snowmobiling. Snowmobile rides allow you to enjoy the pristine mountainous landscape of the snow covered hills while riding close to the mountain edges, awakening your inner daredevil. It’s a perfect winter activity for any thrill seeker. You may decide to rent or get some of your own gear. It will just depend on  how often your family plans to go. Keep in mind there many great online sites, such as Up North Sports, who offer official Klim and FXR gear for your snowmobile adventures!  (image by yolilin).

family Snowmobile Rides

Ice Skating on a frozen lake

Try ice skating on a frozen lake. Ice Skating  is both challenging and a great for getting exercise. This riveting activity uses just about every muscle of the body. Moreover, it builds strength, coordination and flexibility. It can be enjoyed by learning intermediate or advanced skills, or just by being out in the fresh air and skating around the ice. If you have enough people, why not try a hockey game? You can rent the equipment, or use your own.


Dog Sledding Rides

Dog sledding is another breathtaking activity to participate in during the snowy season. Cruising down the trail  on a dog sled is both nostalgic and exhilarating. It’s an activity that blends speed with pioneer-era charm. Dog Sledding allows you to go on a speedy ride while enjoying the beautiful and picturesque scenery. However, the sled dogs remain the main attraction especially for animal lovers. This experience will help you know more about the animals, all while learning about the basics of dog sledding – topped off with an exciting ride with the team (image by jhon jairo gallego prado).

Dog Sledding Rides


A family holiday during the winter months brings many opportunities to relish in some audacious adventures and activities. At the same time, to get the most from your outdoor experiences you need to dress warmly and adhere to all the safety rules.


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Feature image by Jason Bergin

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