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The Tropical Paradise The Hawaiian Island, Maui


Maui is one of the Hawaii’s most frequented locations blessed with stunning scenery, lush valleys, rugged coastlines, numerous cascading waterfalls, tropical rainforests and lovely white, gold, black, salt and pepper, green or garnet beaches. It is also known as the ‘Best Island,’ ‘Magic Island’ or ‘Valley Isle’. Maui is a true sanctuary of natural beauty and the Aloha spirit. In this Island, you can find a variety of local culture and food, national parks, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and fun around every corner. This getaway offers a huge array of activities for every traveler from active to serene.

The scenery

It is one of the most remote spots on Earth, and is ideal for beach lovers, romantic couples, families and tourists seeking adventure as well as for all who want to feel the advantage of sea, sun and sand. Experience the magic in the beautiful scenic beaches of Kaanapali  and Kapaula. You can stay in the vibrant town of Lahaina or Kihei and enjoy an unforgettable Hawaiian Cultural Canoe Experience jumping out and swimming together with sea turtles. (image by : Tanya Puntti )

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Located in Polynesia, it is the second largest of the main 8 Hawaiian Islands, covering an area of 727 miles. Maui was formed by an eruption that created two volcanoes. The Hawaiian Island most breathtaking landscapes include Haleakala Mountain, the highest point (10,023); containing the world’s largest dormant volcanic crater, lush tropical rainforest and Maui’s spectacular waterfalls. The island of Maui is composed of numerous different sub-climates but generally Maui enjoys totally enjoyable, moderate climate.

Explore Maui

Five distinct regions make the island of Maui: Central Maui, West Maui, South Maui, Upcountry Maui and Eastern Maui.  The Central Maui or the proverbial ‘heart’ of Maui boasts plenty of off-the-beaten-path treasures to explore and experience. Central Maui boasts historic and sacred spots, pineapple and sugar plantations, and unique selection of shops, malls and fine restaurants. Central Maui highlights include Wailuku, the county seat of the government and Iao Valley State Park featuring Iao Needle, one of Maui’s most recognizable landmarks.


West Maui is a wonderful place to visit, offering something for everyone from the bustling shops of Lahaina, beautiful towns, beaches, hikes and lookouts to water activities, including snorkeling, diving and other adventures. You can find most Maui resorts distributed mainly in sunny West Maui or South Maui, including the scenic Makena and Wailea condos. West Maui is also famous for Honolua Bay, a big wave surf spot for travelers from all over the globe. South Maui is home to miles of white sandy beaches, stunning coastal areas, sunny scenic shoreline as well as expansive lava fields like La Perouse Bay. South Maui attractions include gardens and temples, Maui Ocean Centre, Beaches great for kids, Bailey House Museum, Charles Lindbergh’s Grave, Haleakala National Park and many more. (image by : Nick Bricks)

Holiday Buzzed - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Games The Tropical Paradise The Hawaiian Island, Maui
The expectations you could get from this  world-class resort destination of Maui is warm tropical waters, ever shifting landscape, crystal skies, luxurious beachfront hotels, spectacular sparkling beaches, incredible range of activities, including shopping, dining and nightlife. Head to Maui and create treasured experiences with its unique mixture of beauty, history and variety.



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