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Tips to Keep Your Home Secure


For many, home is the ideal place to relax and unwind. It is a safe haven that provides a living history of your life. Keeping intruders out of your property means protecting the things and people you love most. Here are some helpful hints on how you can keep your home safe whether you are present or away.

1.Peek Through the Peephole

If you don’t recognize the person ringing the door through your peephole, don’t answer. Make sure your door has a peephole that you and your family members can see out of easily.

2.Lock it Up

Having the proper locks on your doors and windows will increase your home security and keep the bad guys out. Reinforce existing locks on your doors by adding deadbolts directly opposite of each hinge. This ensures that the intruder cannot simply pick your lock and gain access to your home. Heavy-duty window locks will help keep the intruders out, too. Use a wooden dowel to secure your sliding glass doors when they are closed.

Make sure to keep your doors locked when you’re home. It is common for burglars to break into a house while the residents are present.

3.Outdoor & Indoor Lighting

Burglars often target homes that are insufficiently lit. Strategically place lights near your doors and windows. You can install motion detection lights near your porch and deck. Don’t forget to install lighting behind any dark, bushy areas.

If you go out, make sure to leave a few lights on. You can also program your indoor lights to come on at a certain time if you typically get home late from work.

4.Sound the Alarm

Every property needs a good alarm system. When a burglar messes with windows or doors of a property with an alarm system, a piercing alarm sounds that alerts everyone to the presence of an intruder. Many home security systems are interfaced with a surveillance company. When the alarm sounds, a message is simultaneously sent to local authorities.

5.Window Treatments

Protective covering discourages thieves from breaking your windows. If a window treated with protective covering is shattered, the covering keeps the window intact and the intruder out.

6.Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance systems are a great way to add protection to your property. Be sure to place IP cameras around your property in key areas to record any suspicious activity. An Internet protocol video surveillance system allows you to gain access to live or recorded security footage from your smartphone or laptop.

7.Vacation Protection

When you go on vacation, arrange to have someone pick up your mail. Burglars often look for mail or newspapers piling up as a sign that the residents are gone for a long period of time. Also, program your lighting to come on during specific times of the day. Always make sure that your home is lit appropriately and that the doors are locked.

Protecting your home these days is easier than ever before. New security device technology allows homeowners to feel good about protecting their homes.

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