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Top 3 Driving Routes in Europe – Hit The Road Jack!


I still remember after seeing The Fast and Furious movie many years ago.   I remember entering my Mitsubishi Gallant and hitting the gas pedal so hard.  I had the urge in me to get the speed going and adrenaline pumping my veins.  And again, seeing one of James Bond movies as he thrilled down the curves of steep mountains while racing a good looking gal. There is not doubt that such scenes have their impact on the viewer.  There are many great diving routs that the view takes your breath away while some on them are in Europe. So if were ever carious about some great driving routes in Europe, her it is: 1. Col de la Bonnette / Alps Maritimes

The Col de la Bonnette is the highest road in Europe, with peaks of around 27,000 meters makes this one of the most famous roads in the Alps!  However, don’t be put off by the altitude as actually the road is quite smooth and you can enjoy stunning scenery along the way.

What is the most striking on this journey up through the mountains is the contrast between the greenery of the trees and shrubs to the barren, rock-like scenery at the top peaks.  When you get to the top you can enjoy break taking scenery over the Alps where there is a view point and a plaque for photographs to prove how high up you were!

The decent down to the Col de la Bonnette is a little more challenging for drivers, corners get sharper and parts of the road can get quite narrow, so be careful not to go too fast.  However, the good news is that the road surface improves due it being a popular route of the tour de France.

 2. Hahntennjoch / Vorarlberg / Austria

As you turn onto the Hahntennjoch pass, you are surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and the best part is, the road surface has near perfect tarmac which runs all the way to the top!  It is recommended from previous drivers to approach this pass from the North.

The start of the Hahntennjoch pass is quite tight, with steep drop offs to the side so drive carefully!  But the views are incredible as you are passing through a green and beautiful valley.  There are a quite a number of lay-bys on the way up to stop and admire the views.

The run back down the Hahntennjoch is a completely different from the run up. Firstly the scenery at 2000f is very barren and volcanic looking but parts of the road are carved out the rock which is really exciting to drive through. Take these parts carefully as parts can be quite hair raising!

For the final stretch of the Hahntennjoch pass you go through woodland, and the road starts to straighten out, however beware of highland cattle as they can look quite aggressive!  The final descent down to Imst is a smooth run, and feels very relaxing after being at the top.

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3. Stelvio Pass / South Tyrol / Italy

The Stelvio Pass is voted by Top Gear to be the best driving road in the world in 2008.  It is one of the highest (official the third highest in the Alps at 2757M) and most dramatic mountain passes to drive in the European Alps.

However, due to its iconic status (not just with car enthusiasts but bikers), it’s one of the busiest passes in the Alps. This means you want to be on the road at off peak times, so early in the morning, mid-week and preferably outside the peak months of July and August.

The Stelvio pass is best approached from the North West side. It’s only by coming from this direction you get to drive up the Stelvio Pass’s famous wall of switchbacks and you get to drive through Stelvio National Park with boasts stunning stretches of alpine forests.
Heading back down the Stelvio Pass towards Bormio is a stunning drive and there are several superb vantage points where you can park, take a break and use your camera to capture the beautiful scenery.
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Holiday Buzzed Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation fun stuff to do- Stelvio Pass

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