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Top 5 Bungee Jumps In The World


Bungee jumping—love it or fear it? Either way, it’s an adventure activity that will definitely get your adrenalin pumping!

Your heart is racing from the moment you step to the edge of the platform, and then, attached only by a springy cord, jump and fall head first toward the ground. Recoiling just before you hit the bottom and falling again and again before finally coming to a complete halt.

What is a lifelong dream for some is a nightmare for others. But if you fall into the category of those daring (or crazy) enough to give it a go, then these are 5 of the top bungee jumps in the world:

Bloukrans Bridge – South Africa

At 216 metres above the Bloukrans River, this is one serious bungee jump! Named as the world’s highest commercial bungee bridge, this stunning arch bridge is situated on the N2 highway between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape – the perfect place for an adventure stop as you travel South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route. 


Verzasca Dam – Switzerland

If you’ve ever dreamt of being James Bond – then this is the place for you. Just like 007 in the opening scenes of GoldenEye, you too can fearlessly jump off Verzasca Dam. At 220 metres high, jumping from this hydroelectric dam is certainly an impressive feat. Even if your legs are shaking, it’s hard not to appreciate the spectacular Swiss scenery.

‘The Last Resort’ (Bhote Kosi) – Nepal

Surrounded by dense jungle and only hours from Kathmandu, this 120 metre suspension bridge couldn’t be in a better location. As you wait to take your jump, look down at the rushing rapids of the Bhote Kosi below and take time to appreciate the beauty of this tropical gorge. If the bungee jump alone isn’t enough to satisfy your need for adventure, then why not try canyoning or white water rafting also available in the area.

Victoria Falls Bridge – ‘No man’s land’ (Zambia/ Zimbabwe)

This bridge is situated in ‘no man’s land’ between the Zambian and Zimbabwean border posts. Close enough to the famous falls to feel their power, and 111 metres above the rushing Zambezi River – this is truly heaven on Earth. Looking down into the gorge you’ll often see rainbows magically appear and disappear, the magnificent scenery is a great contrast to the adrenalin-pumping bungee jump you’re about the take. True adventure junkies can purchase a ‘Big Air experience’ and combine the bungee jump with a swing and slide.

‘The Ledge’, Queenstown, New Zealand

Often called ‘the home of bungee’, it would be hard not to include a New Zealand jump in the top 5. The Ledge is located at the top of the Skyline Gondola, 400 metres above Queenstown. With panoramic views across Lake Wakatipu, and a specially designed harness that allows you to flip, twist or spin, this makes for a very unique jump. For something completely different, make your jump at night and see the lights of Queenstown rushing up toward you. 

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About the author: Lea Phillips is a photographer and adventure-lover at heart. Lea loves to travel and has tried (and survived) many adrenaline-inducing activities in her travels.

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