Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Australia


There are a lot of preconceived notions about the Land Down Under. Many people associate Australia with vast deserts, poisonous animals, and for being overall drab. But there is way more to this country than what most people think of it. Australia is fast becoming one of the best countries to migrate to in recent years due to a variety of different reasons.

Australia has been attracting foreign migrants steadfastly and every one in four citizens in the country is an immigrant. Why is this so? Here are the top 7 reasons why you should migrate to sunny Australia:

Australia is 2013’s Happiest Country

According to a study made by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Australia is this year’s happiest country, based on the organization’s Better Life Index. This Index is an attempt to measure and compare the well-being of countries around the world, based on a number of factors such as health, community, income, jobs, housing, education, safety, environment, life satisfaction and others. Being the happiest place on earth gives you an idea about what your life will be if you move to Australia.

Aggressive Migration Programs

Since there are major shortages in labor and occupations in the country, the government has been encouraging foreign individuals to come to its shores to study, work, or invest in businesses. They also value the importance of the family, as evidenced by visa policies that make it easier for the families of Australian citizens or residents to come to the country. For example, the student visa allows partners, spouses and dependents to go with them to the country while they are studying, and the Australia partner visa allows the romantic partners of Australian residents or citizens to live with them in the country.

Excellent Education System

The Australian government invests hundreds of millions of dollars in its education system every year, making them the 3rd top destination for international students across the globe, just next to the US and the UK. Their universities are recognized and honored everywhere in the world, making it easy for graduates to find jobs wherever they may be.

Great Career Opportunities

Australia is ranked as the 3rd most attractive country to work in, according to a study made by the Universum’s International Mobility Benchmark. Since Australia’s economy is booming, more businesses are expanding, creating more jobs and career opportunities for its residents and to professional and skilled foreign workers.

Comprehensive Healthcare System

When you become a resident or citizen, you will be provided with Australia’s Medicare, which provides basic health coverage that pays for hospitalization and medical care in all its excellent public hospitals. And you will still be covered by the system even if you’re unemployed.

Affordable Housing

Compared to other big economies in the world who have uncontrollable housing and rental rates, Australian housing has remained low and affordable to cater to its citizens who are of lower income, providing opportunities for everyone to own their own homes.

Multicultural Society

Australians are one of the friendliest people on earth. Their laid back nature resonates a very relaxed and welcoming air that accepts and tolerates people from all walks of life.

All these reasons lead up to one reason why you should migrate to Australia, and that’ a general sense of great well-being.

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Michael Ma is working as migration agent assistant at Move Migration, a boutique immigration specialist in Australia that provides you with registered migration agents who has a high success rate to assist and guide you with all your visa application needs.

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